Kami Jigen Idol Neptune PP [7] Platinum!


Did Vert Master (most fuss-free ever for me), and got the game’s platinum X)


I noticed since playing Blanc that there’s always one 活動 event from 宣言 activity that I can only get from second playthrough onward. Maybe it requires some stats to be very high (I couldn’t get it even when all my stats are A) But I need at least 2 playthroughs, for the good and the true ending, to complete the event collection for each character anyway.

The last trophy I needed to unlock was to see all unlocked characters in Viewer.

But yeah, never thought I could grab one more platinum before the release of Noire game… ^^;

So the only Neptune series games I haven’t completed so far are Re;Birth 2 and the upcoming Noire game ^^ (and Fairy Fencer F, if we count it as a spin-off).

Re;Birth 2 might be tedious with all those multiple endings, real-time mini game, 100 million trophy, etc -.-;

In any case, can’t wait for the Noire game! But I should keep my expectations low. Don’t want to be disappointed ^^; The lili ranks might be crazy though with all the characters in the game 0.o wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of the 鬼門s… -_-;


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