Choujijigen Neptune Re;Birth 2 [1] Cave!

Managed to complete chapter 2, which I was halfway previously…

For now the game doesn’t feel too hard, but sometimes the boss battles can feel quite long.

I don’t expect myself to be able to complete this game before Noire game. But since this is a remake (of a game that took me half a dozen of playthroughs to complete) and there isn’t much stuff worth keeping in memory (it even further strips off annoying elements from Re;Birth 1, itself a major clean-up of annoying elements of the series), I’m sure I can stop playing this game and return to it later in the future without much difficulty.

Now that I kinda get the gist of it, the Narukiri Dungeon mini-game doesn’t feel complicated either. The only problem is I don’t know how fast I should make her progress through the dungeons ^^; (the safe thing probably is just to make her advance one floor further each journey) (and this game will require lots of playthroughs anyway).

And Cave is now playable in chapter 3! I was worried since she didn’t join sooner at the end of chapter 2. This is my first time using her since in the original game, she is a paid DLC character X)


If there’s something to complain about this game, it’s that Nippon Ichi and Gust have been replaced by RED and Broccoli. I’m sure the developers have their reasons but I don’t know… it feels patch-y, particularly since the other characters like Cave, Falcom and 5pb returned safely.

I’m also interested to know whether they made two versions for the goddess sisters’ sprites during events, since they upgraded at some point in the game. Back in the original game they were using 3D character models, but this time it’s 2D illustrations (which is for the better, I think).


2 thoughts on “Choujijigen Neptune Re;Birth 2 [1] Cave!

  1. hazandyne

    Actually, 5 floors is a good enough minimum, especially for higher level dungeons. Stella will be able to get some good stuff that way, though there are some variables involved: For example, if she runs into an observer, there’s an off-chance that she’ll either be given something or have something taken away from her.

    Again, it’s just all about what equipment she has on. The rest is just blind luck.


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