Choujijigen Neptune Re;Birth 2 [2] Maker ending

Managed to beat the game once ^^

Got the maker ending out of the way, too. I found Harem (level 5 lily rank+) chip early on, so I just obtained a suitable disc from one of the big medals and equip it on Nepgear :p


The ending’s art changed from the original version, for better or worse, to accommodate the new maker characters.

But yeah, unlocking the goddesses in chapter 5 seems to be a pain compared to the original version -.-”

And for some reason, the game feels easy to me, especially once everyone obtained their EXE Drive attacks ^^; maybe it’s because I activated the weaken enemy mode (but I also activated this in Re;Birth 1 too). The EXE Drive also seems to increase faster than in Re;Birth 1 without modifications (maybe it’s the specialty of the sisters?). Can’t imagine how fast it would be once I’ve synthesized the Ike Ike EXE Drive blueprint and use idea chips ^^;

The みんつぶ is a little too much, I think… too much stuffs that I have to wade through in case I get new blueprints -_-”

I guess I’m gonna do the endings in this order: Planeptune -> Lastation -> Lowee -> Leanbox -> Conquest -> Holy Sword -> True. The first four are just gonna be speedthroughs since I’m gonna face the same bosses and I know that they aren’t much of a threat ^^;


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