Chou Megami Shinkou Noire [2] Got the game!

Got the game this afternoon ^^

This is the first game in Neptune series with difficulty level that can’t be changed mid-game. I picked Normal for now. Not sure if I can change difficulty at New Game+. Hopefully yes ^^;


Gotta say, so far I’m liking the performance, graphics, attack animations and controls. My recent game of this genre, Super Heroine Chronicles, was a bit disappointing in terms of frame rate.

If there’s one thing to complain about, it’s that you can skip attack animations by tapping touchscreen, but not the moving animation. You can skip both with circle button.

The UI is close to Victory. There’s the town with Megami Hotel, Disk Make, Item Development, etc intact. Even Character Challenges from Victory make a return X)

The 協会 is now home to 2 mini-games:

First is to buy furnitures and upgrade Noire’s ‘room’ by spending ‘sim’ points. Sim points is gotten by buying things in shop (10% of buying price, so if you buy 100G item, you get 10 sim points). Once you have enough sim points, you can buy one of the furnitures. You can only buy one at a time, and you have to go to battle once before the item is delivered. Once you bought all available furnitures, you can upgrade the room. Once the room is upgraded, it seems you have to start over buying a new set of furnitures (as if buying all the furnitures first is a prerequisite to upgrading the room). The game warns me that I can’t downgrade once I upgraded the room. Not sure why I would want to downgrade, probably it’s related to getting certain ending or at least certain events?

The second is to “grant people’s wish”. Basically you pick one out of three choices for each wish, and one of them is a good answer (with sound effect to confirm it). Can’t I just do save and load if I picked the wrong answer? ^^;

There’s the share system too but so far it seems to show Lastation only.

Some details about the battle gameplay:

Thankfully it doesn’t have ZOC (zone-of-control) concept that is in some SPRGs. There are 4 elemental weaknesses instead of the usual 3. It seems the goddesses (not sure about the characters) don’t have natural element, but I can buy elemental stone and equip it on them to change their element. The characters can also pick object and throw to enemy for some damage.

Story-wise, the characters based on game series are apparently called 武将 (bushou), and every one of them seems to rule over a small city.


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