Choujijigen Neptune Re;Birth 2 [3] Planeptune & Leanbox ending

Did Planeptune and Leanbox endings.

Luckily, Planeptune’s shares was quite easy to raise, just keep beating Fenrir Wolf in Zone Of Endless. Leanbox, on the other hand… there is a dragon to beat but I have to walk all the way to the end of the map -.-;

I unlocked Historie during Planeptune ending run, and I was expecting her to be available from the start at the beginning of new playthrough (just like the sister characters in Re;Birth 1) but it turns out she’s only available from chapter 6 onward.

For Planeptune ending run, I still read the みんつぶ in case there are ones that only pop up from 2nd playthrough onward. But from 3rd playthrough onward, it seems fine to skip them, only reading the special events when new countries open up (for Conquest ending), and specific ones (like the main characters).

I unlocked Histoire and Chika as it requires Planeptune and Leanbox shares respectively to be 75% (killing two birds in one stone since the endings require respective shares to be 70%) but there seems to be a complication with Lastation; basically the material needed to unlock Kei is only available in chapter 7 (which is true ending route) -.-;


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