Chou Megami Shinkou Noire [3] Progress…


In chapter 4 now.

I looked at the trophy list (it doesn’t seem to spoil much) and my worst fear comes true: there are trophies for maxing everyone’s lili ranks with every other characters, just like Victory. The problem of course is that this game has 18 + 4 = 22 characters.

To max the lili ranks, the characters need to ‘kiss’ 100 times (can be done by performing skills when the characters are adjacent to each other). I guess there would be idea chips later to help increase the pace.

There are apparently 2 endings: good and true ending. I’m trying of guess their conditions. It shouldn’t be something that would lock players to true ending for subsequent playthroughs once they attain it, so I’m guessing lili ranks (as the sole condition) and ‘upgrade-the-room’ mini-game are out. Maybe it’s the ‘grant-the-wish’ mini-game, but then it has a separate trophy for granting all the wishes. Maybe a combination of lili ranks + grant all the wishes? Or maybe there are different paths in later chapters…

Also, I’m torn between advancing the story and replaying the missions most of the times. The first time a story mission is out, it has a set of rewards. After it’s beaten, it becomes a replay mission, and it has a different set of rewards. After beating it for the first time, it would have yet another set of rewards (so 3 sets of rewards total).

The game also has elemental treasure chests that can only be opened with attacks of certain elements. It’s a way to persuade the players to bring certain characters I guess (though I can also equip elemental stones to change character’s element). The goddess form is also pretty overpowered since they can fly around and stuffs, but it’s limited to 3 turns.

But yeah, so far I’m enjoying this game. I think this is a good SRPG game ^^


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