Chou Megami Shinkou Noire [4] More progress…

In chapter 6 now.

I decided to just push through the story missions (instead of staying around to play the free missions). It’s because the more characters I unlocked, the more I could take advantage of the fact that everyone can level up even though they don’t participate in battles. I’m missing 7 of the 18 ‘game’ characters now.

Once I have all the characters, maybe then I can start trying to complete all the free missions and synthesize all the blueprints I’ve found so far ^^;

So far the story missions are not too difficult, though my characters often get killed along the way. One of the characters, Restoa (could be ‘Restore’ but… ^^;) can resurrect fallen characters (useful when my main characters like Noire died). I can also bring in other characters that I didn’t send at the start of the mission when some characters have fallen, as long as it’s within the limit of the number of characters allowed on the map.

It turns out only Noire can take action twice in a turn in goddess form, making her the juggernaut in this game.

One of the characters, Puuna, sounds like Plutia in Victory ^^;

So far I’m liking Tsunemi, who is almost certainly based on Hatsune Miku Project Diva series. She has a costly skill that can heal everyone within 5-plus grids and get rid of all status affliction. Although it’s not shown on illustrations that I know of, her chibi 3D model shows that her back is completely bare.



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