Chou Megami Shinkou Noire [5] Stuck at the final boss… -.-;

So far I managed to get through the game without grinding in free missions.

Until the final boss that is… ^^;

The final boss can move twice in a turn, and her multi-target attacks are devastating. And I think the whole idea is that although I can only have 7 units be in the map at once, as soon as some of them die, I gotta replace them with new units (which action is not free and requires 30 LP).

I actually managed to beat the first form with half of the 22-person party gone. I thought I beat the game but then the second form appears (immediately after the first form, i.e., no chance to go back to base) and it’s the same battle, only the boss is stronger… -.-” Although the fallen characters are back, most of them can’t survive the twice-in-a-row attacks -_-”

Also, when I do super attacks against the boss, some characters only deal 1 damage, while some can deal 100-300 damage. Not sure why. It doesn’t seem to be a matter of level as Noire with the highest level deals only 1 damage. And some characters that could deal 100-300 damage suddenly dealt only 1 damage after some turns. I’m guessing the boss keeps changing her elemental weakness. The elemental weakness is hidden (the UI shows that she is neutral) so I guess I need to experiment to find out.

I think I’m supposed to make use of the 4 different elemental rings (the most powerful version has become available in shop), which turns character’s element from neutral to some element. There are 22 characters, so distributing the 4 elements equally, about 5 of them will use the same element. Maybe once I found the boss’ current elemental weakness, I’m supposed to swap in the right characters.

Still, I need to raise the characters’ defense stats if I want to survive the second battle. Now’s a good time to explore the free missions, I guess. I’m just worried about ‘overshooting’ to the true ending and miss the normal ending forever unless I start another fresh playthrough (well, I hope the developers did the right thing to prevent such situation).


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