Chou Megami Shinkou Noire [6] Good ending


After exploring some free missions, tried to beat the final boss again and managed to do it X)

I think the final boss can only be hurt with magic attacks, so those with physical super attacks like Noire are out of luck to deal damage to her (kinda weird considering she’s the protagonist). Among the goddesses, Vert is the one with highest INT, so she can actually deal 1000+ damage with her super attack if I prepared the right setup (equip her strongest processors, surround her with allies, cast INT-up to her, etc).

The battle is still difficult though with lots of reviving (no wonder the revive items cost a fortune in the shop ^^;). Tsunemi can heal 75% health to multiple characters in 5-grid cross formation, which is THE ultimate ‘lili’ formation for Vert to deal the most damage (and Tsunemi doesn’t have to be inside the formation, she can be a few grids away), so I think she’s an important character in this battle.

Got the good ending. On one hand, I’m glad I didn’t overshoot to the true ending. On the other hand, I’m curious on which conditions I missed in order to get to the true ending. It could be any of these conditions:

– Decorate Noire room to the max (I’m missing just one room item to upgrade)
– Synthesize every game characters’ strongest weapons (so far game characters’ weapons can’t be purchased from shops, only synthesized. So far there are 2 weapon blueprints for each character. Not sure if there are more).
– Beat every free missions (I didn’t. I was actually halfway through the free missions but the game crashed on me (first time I’m seeing a Vita game freeze and crash) and I lost progress of about 6 missions. It’s actually what pushed me to try to beat the final boss again ^^;)
– Don’t let any character die in final boss battle. If I remember correctly, Historie somehow hinted to not let character die at the briefing of the final battle. Not sure if it’s just casual remark or it means something…
– Beat the game on Hard mode (I picked Normal for the first playthrough)
– Max Noire’s lily ranks (I think everyone’s lili ranks are tad too much ^^;) Or at least bring the lily ranks to certain level.

In any case, I’m on my second playthrough now. Most of the things including decoration carry over, but not the fulfilling people’s requests.

There’s a trophy where you have to fulfil all people’s requests. It can be gotten by chapter 9 in first playthrough. I can confirm that you must pick every correct choices; it’s because I picked the wrong choice for the last request, the trophy didn’t pop up. I reloaded the save, picked the right choice, and got the trophy.

I also haven’t seen any idea chip that boosts lily ranks, like ハーレム. I guess (hope) they’re in the game, maybe somewhere in the last free missions ^^;


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