Chou Megami Shinkou Noire [8] Gallery complete


Just when I thought I completed the gallery when I got the true ending, I was missing a picture -.-

I finally got it in my third playthrough when I selected the good ending. It’s apparently an after-credit event that one would seemingly get after maxing relationship with Noire (not lily rank). I guess I didn’t get it in my first playthrough because even though I picked all the correct choices for fulfilling people’s requests, I was missing some events from decorating her room to the max. Then in my second playthrough, even though I managed to do it, I didn’t get the event because I went to the true ending (weird).

In any case, I’m glad I completed the gallery.

I’m also almost done with maxing everyone’s lili ranks. Even though it can be ‘scummed’ (as someone introduced me to the term ^^;) (with the exception of the remaining I’m left to do), it was still a grueling grind that took me more than 2 days.

To keep my sanity, I first listened to akimikoto’s remixes. He (or she? ^^;) made good dance remix of a number of anime songs, like Love Live! and Aikatsu!. Some of the remixes, like Love Live’s Cutie Panther, I personally find them better than the original version ^^; I only listened to a few of the remixes before, so this is the first time I managed to listen to all of them.

Here are some of my favourites:

I think there’re some more that I’m fond of (not all of them are crazy like the third one, but more of the beautiful style), but because I was also playing the game I didn’t really keep track of them ^^;

Then I watched the great comedian George Carlin’s HBO specials (because the akimikoto’s remixes are not long enough ^^;). The good thing about George Carlin’s shows is that I can just listen to them and I’m not really missing out from not looking at the video all the time. I watched from the first show On Location (1977) until You Are All Diseased (1999) (about 10 hours, so my grinding took at least that amount of time ^^;)

I think my favourite performance is this one:

The last 15 minutes of You Are All Diseased is also nice:

As for the game, I’m left with the last max lili rank trophies (for Vert, Win and Lid, because they don’t have healing and buff skills that can be scummed, i.e., their skills need enemy targets, so I have to raise their lili ranks of one another in ‘proper way’) and levelling up everyone to level 99, which I think it’s also gonna be tedious ^^;

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