Chou Megami Shinkou Noire [9] Platinum!


Managed to platinum the game X)

The last grind was to level up everyone to level 99. It’s not as painful as maxing everyone’s lili ranks though. It turns out there’s a great level for leveling up and that’s the second last free level (after it’s unlocked just before the final boss fight) called 不死鳥の討伐. It’s great because at the end it awards everyone with 300 EXP, and it’s relatively fast and easy to beat.

It needs some setup though. I set Restoa as the leader as one of her leadership abilities prevents the characters from being inflicted by ‘unable to perform skill’ status that the two phoenixes love to inflict. Then I use Noire and Neptune to climb to the top with goddess form and hunt down the phoenixes (since Noire can act twice in goddess form and Neptune can buff her). Noire even has enough turns in goddess form to go and kill the blue horse at the left of the map, so the rest of the characters can stay still at the start of the map building lili points.

Now that I’m done with the trophies, I personally feel this is a good game, way better than what I expected, but I also feel the gameplay is a little whacked. I mean, I can just have some characters stay on the map orgy-ing with one another to build lili points (and it doesn’t take long to max) while other characters use these points to perform powerful finisher attacks.

I think it’s unlikely (since spin-off is usually a one-off thing) but I hope they come up with a sequel for this game in the future, adding existing characters like the sisters, Iris Heart and Yellow Heart ^^

In any case, the last (currently available) Neptune game I’m left to platinum is now Re;Birth 2. There’s also Fairy Fencer F too, depending on how one looks at it ^^;


2 thoughts on “Chou Megami Shinkou Noire [9] Platinum!

  1. halpPLZktnx

    Hi! I have aquestion about Noire’s game: How can i earn sum blank discs so i can create a Godly Game? i already have the idea chips. thanks

    1. Helu Post author

      Are you Ikusa_Hime? If so, I already replied you on Twitter ^^ if you don’t understand the Japanese let me know


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