Using my old Vita again


At first I didn’t think about buying new Vita. However I forgot to charge my old Vita when the battery was almost empty, and its charging system went wonky. It couldn’t charge at all, and the orange charging colour lamp didn’t even light up.

So thinking my old Vita is broken (and I was in the heat of playing God Eater 2) I bought a new Vita and noticed how washed out new Vita’s screen is compared to old Vita.

New Vita also feels less ergonomical to me. Old Vita might be thicker, but it fits more snuggly in my hands while I’m holding it.

Then my old Vita magically came back to life after I left it charging at a corner of my house for over a week. It charges fine now 0.o

So I switched back to old Vita. I prefer old Vita after all. Then my save data got corrupted while I was playing Madoka Magica that I had to start all over.

I thought it was the game’s fault (mediocre game). But later my old Vita gave a message ‘your memory card is not inserted’ even though it was!

So probably from my old Vita’s battery fiasco, my old Vita’s memory card reading has gone wonky as well.

So I switched back to my new Vita and dealt with the new screen.

Fast forward, I’m now giving my old Vita another chance. This time I’m using Content Management to back up my save in case it corrupted.

This is the first time I’m playing old Vita after getting used to new Vita’s screen for months. At first I couldn’t get used to how saturated the old Vita’s screen (the weird thing about adaptation lol ^^;)

But to me, the black in old Vita’s screen is undeniably sexy black. The black in new Vita’s screen is like lame very dark gray.

But what’s bad about new Vita to me is no longer the screen, it’s the action buttons!

The new Vita’s buttons are tougher to press, clickier and LOUD! I think my family can even hear me clicking away at the buttons in my room from outside ^^;

With new Vita, my wrists might be less tired (but they will still tire anyway), but my thumbs are more tired! I especially noticed it while I was grinding for max lili ranks in Noire game (and I did worse in Project Diva games with new Vita). I kinda hope I wear down my new Vita’s buttons eventually, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Whereas with old Vita, the buttons don’t feel like they get in the way and I feel unstoppable now as I speed through Neptune Re;Birth 2 for Lastation and Lowee endings. It’s like I’m in a flow and I don’t really feel like I’m pressing buttons (well, if there’s anything that breaks the flow, it’s the game loading can’t keep up sometimes ^^;)

So yeah, no matter how Sony tries to put it, and how reviewers just hold the system and praise its lighter-ness, new Vita is shit. It’s cheap Vita for cheapskates (that’s why they even add in built-in 1GB memory). I feel this needs to be said, otherwise people might think new is always better.

I just hope my save didn’t corrupt on me again… ^^;

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