Choujijigen Neptune Re;Birth 2 [5] Holy sword ending

Just gotten the ‘holy sword’ ending X)

Apparently it’s conquest ending that is ‘force quitted’ to true ending lol with some continuity glues, but especially toward the end it’s pretty much true ending. A little bit disappointed, but at the same time it makes sense (both endings have something to do with special sword, after all) ^^;

The end photo is not as grand as true ending, just the 4 sisters:


Speaking of true ending, since there are different maker characters in this remake, I’m expecting the end photo to be different from the one in original version (just like maker ending). Can’t wait to see the new photo X)

But I somehow think Tsunako didn’t draw some of the new illustrations in this game. The style looks really similar, but I don’t know… there are some parts where I think it falls short of Tsunako’s quality. Maybe a copy artist did it. Maybe Tsunako was too busy at the time with Noire game?

I also got a Cave event in this playthrough. I know this is originally a DLC in original version, but I thought they didn’t include it in this remake ^^;


In any case, onto true ending!

…Actually, I may need to take a break first… ^^;

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