Choujijigen Neptune Re;Birth 2 [4] More endings

Got Lastation, Lowee and conquest ending.

So now I’m missing just the new ‘holy sword’ ending and true ending. Can’t wait to see what the new ending is about ^^ (probably a happy version of conquest ending)

Also unlocked Mina, so I’m left with Kei now. Probably I would unlock her during true ending playthrough if not one more playthrough after it. I have to remember to pick up her material during true ending playthrough.

It’s kinda a pain having to recruit all the goddesses for each of the special endings -_-” I did it for conquest ending, gonna have to do it two more times for holy sword and true ending. Well, the coliseum kinda helps (it’s hard to transfer specific combinations of shares doing quests alone).

I’m also missing a few pictures in the album that do not correspond to ending illustrations. I just hope they’re all there in holy sword and true ending routes (had a bad luck with the Noire game ^^;)

Here’s one I acquired recently (probably from recruiting all goddesses):


Some of these events used to be DLC in the original version of this game, and I don’t buy them, so they’re new to me ^^


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