Choujijigen Neptune Re;Birth 2 [6] True ending

Lol, so this is the new true ending illustration:


Compared to the original version:


So yeah, it’s pretty disappointing ^^;

I guess they can’t find a way to replace two of the maker characters (Nippon Ichi and Gust), and add 3 more characters (Cyber Connect 2, Marvelous AQL and Tekken).

Well, at least they updated the onsen event… This is another illustration with all-star cast:


I didn’t save the clear data though, just gonna reload the save before final boss fight and clean up the rest of the trophies. I’m pretty sure there are still lots of things to do.

Also, let’s say I’m left only with the mini-game Nariyuki Dungeon, I’m just gonna move to a PS3 game while still progressing at it on the side ^^;


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