Choujijigen Neptune Re;Birth 2 [7] Holy shit 0.o

I synthesized シンボル撃破でも入手 blueprint, which allows me to earn EXP, money, items etc from battle but skipping it entirely by successfully hitting the monster before battle. I assume シンボル撃破 needs to be activated as well, but yeah, I couldn’t believe it but it does work, and it works on all field enemies (i.e., non-event and non-coliseum) It’s so broken I got カンスト so quickly from defeating ケルベロス in レツゴウアイランド several times ^^;



I guess they include this feature to compensate for the fact that some characters only join very late in the game. And they leave it up to player’s discretion whether they want the game to be broken or not ^^;

I guess getting the 100 million G trophy can be done in the same way ^^; just need to find the right enemies or places…

But if I want to unlock all dungeon blueprints, apparently I need to start another playthrough. It’s because I missed some opportunities of the みんつぶ giving me blueprints for specific dungeons (because I didn’t unlock them at the time). The price I have to pay for rushing through playthroughs I guess -.-; This didn’t happen to me on Re;Birth 1 because I was diligently unlocking (at least the dungeon) blueprints as soon as I got them back then…

Edit: ah, some enemies can’t be skipped. The strong monsters in the last optional dungeons basically. Even if my characters all reach level 99, these monster are still not weaker enough to be destroyed by symbol attack.


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