Fairy Fencer F


Started playing Fairy Fencer F.

Some comments:

– Gameplay wise, it’s really like an evolved Neptune Victory system. There are even character challenges ^^;

– The enemies chase harder in this game. The map edges are not really safe anymore ^^;

– The UI modification so that it looks different from Neptune game is kinda annoying. For example, the main menu navigation is horizontal -.-;

– The characters don’t have 4-combo by default (default is just 1). As part of weapon improvement system, need to spend WP acquired during battles to extend the combo. Having played Neptune games of course I would improve this first ^^; The third attack costs 200 WP though… -.-;

– The combo system seems to be evolved. The basic idea seems to make a combo of uppercut attack followed by air chase attack for additional damage. There are also attacks that change weapon’s form, but yeah, I still need to figure things out.

– Basically I can’t just level up and get all the skills in this game unlike Neptune series. Need to manually obtain them and decide which ones to get etc.

– To transform to Fairize form (goddess form in Neptune series), need to let tension gauge reach certain point. The tension gauge can rise/decrease depending on the action in battles (pretty intuitive). Still haven’t checked if the tension gauge steadily decreases during Fairize form or it’s just normal (the game says that the characters do can get kicked out of Fairize form if the tension gauge reaches certain low).

– Arin (the red girl) is a bit like Noire, more friendly and childish one.

– Tiara (the blue girl) is a bit like Vert. I think she is those ‘weird rich lady who never stepped to outside world until now’ kind of character.

But yeah, this game is like the fantasy version of Neptune series ^^


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