Fairy Fencer F [2] More observations

– In this game, the normal attack doesn’t have ‘square target’ that can attack multiple enemies if they’re inside it unlike Neptune games.

– The bad status effects persist after battles, I guess to make the healing skills more important.

– Each character’s weapon has 3 different forms (changes depending on the attack) out of several available forms (so some characters can share the same form). Each form has an advantage (better for uppercut, more chance of critical etc). Each enemy is weak against certain forms. If manage to hit the enemy with the weapon form it’s weak against plus critical = bonus attacks from other characters.

– Only 3 characters can join the battles. Now that I have 4 characters, I even need to purchase an ability for the back character with WP so that he/she can gain EXP etc even though not in battles.

– It seems anyone can switch out with anyone in the reserve list though. Not like in Neptune games where I have to set the back member for each front member.

– All the abilities listed in weapon improvements for each character seem to be the full list. It’s just getting them all is gonna be a big grind -.-” Not a big fan of this since I constantly have to ask myself whether I should grind to get more abilities or just tough it out with what I have through the story.

– Because of the uppercut -> air chase attack combo’s additional damage, I think it’s not a good idea to skip all attacks (with L2 button, just like Neptune)

– Harler talks like the mechanic in Lastation chapter of Neptune Re;Birth 1 (Shion? Sian? I can’t remember ^^;)


– The main idea behind the game seems to collect ‘Furies’, and use them to pull out the swords from either goddess or evil god. Not sure what happens when I pull out all the swords. I think the endings change depending whether we awaken the goddess or evil god (or even both?). The pulled out swords (fused with Furies) can even be used to ‘stab’ on the dungeons on the world map to change enemies, increase EXP gain etc (kinda like Neptune’s dungeon change system).

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