Nariyuki Dungeon [2]

For a while, I thought that the best stats to raise are HP and STR. It seems to make sense to have lots of HP to survive in the long run and STR so I can quickly kill the enemies.

But now I’m thinking it might be VIT and LUK. When my VIT is high, the enemies seem to deal 1-2 damage, which is better than say my HP is higher but the enemies deal 6-7 damage. According to the help screen, LUK not only increases item drop rate (from enemies, doesn’t seem to affect treasure discovery), but also chance of critical attack and perhaps more importantly, chance of avoiding enemy attack.

i.e., Stella can be low of HP, and low of STR which makes her take more turns to defeat the enemy, but if the enemy deals only little damage anyway… (and Stella might find potions to recover her HP) and LUK might help avoid attack/increase my damage.

Anyway, I think I will be sharing configurations of my attempts from now on (i.e., where I failed, had to change my equipments and then succeeded):

Failed attempt:




See how in failed attempt I was thinking that increasing HP was a better idea? ^^;

I believe there’s still some luck involved though, i.e., whether Stella found potions etc ^^;


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