Fairy Fencer F [3] Progress

Advanced in the game a bit.

I really want to try messing with the character customizations, getting new skills and attacks etc, but what’s keeping me is the last combo extension (so that the character can attack 4 times in a turn) costs 1000 WP (per character)! One enemy gives roughly 1 WP in battles for every characters -_-” So far the protagonist Fang has around 380+ WP, but yeah, still a long way to go even for him. Somehow I’m still doing pretty fine in the game, even though I’m barely upgrading. Well, maybe I could’ve been more powerful and breezed through the game…

I haven’t looked at the trophy list yet (don’t want to get spoiled), but so far I unlocked a few trophies for doing a certain number of battles and air combo. Progress feels slow, but this game has a lesser amount of trophies (29 vs the usual around 50). I can kinda guess the hard trophies though… like master every characters (i.e., purchase all customizations).

I’m kinda confused at one thing in this game. Apparently in the enemy list, the enemies might have a list of items that can be stolen from them. But so far I have not been able to find a way to steal from them. I’m guessing a character would join later that would have steal ability, but to make me unable to complete some low-rank quests for so long?

One thing I also forgot to mention in my previous posts is this background music that played everytime one of the characters enters Fairize form. It’s pretty cool:

But yeah, this game is like a more mainstream Neptune + fantasy setting. And there are also guys instead of all-female cast :p

I think Tsunako doesn’t illustrate every characters in this game. I think he (or she?) drew almost every female characters, like Arin and Tiara, but the male characters are drawn by the artist from Agarest Senki.


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