Fairy Fencer F [4] Didn’t see it coming…


Finally I received another story-related trophy.

I was wondering why quite a number of the characters, even though they are enemies, just die left and right when I defeat them. Even the beautiful ladies. Seems to be a waste of creative efforts to me. Now I know why… I didn’t see it coming, but yeah, this game apparently has ‘that’ plot device (you should be able to guess it ^^). On a hindsight I should’ve noticed it, seeing how things are moving a little too fast ^^;

Gameplay-wise, it’s bad news to me though. The enemies now seem stronger than ever, that chipping away the boss health feels a bit unbearable now (and the tug of war of healing before dying). I think more than ever I need to upgrade my character parameters and skills (instead of saving the WP to get their last combo extension). I think I should’ve reloaded and done some more grinding before passing through this story point, but it’s too late now (yeah, my save management sucks ^^;)


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