Fairy Fencer F [5] 2nd Fairize Form music

Progressed on the game a bit. It’s a bit inconvenient when the living room TV is shared ^^;

Apparently Fang upgraded (well, it’s his partner and weapon, Arin, actually), allowing him to execute one more combo. So previously he was missing the 4th combo extension, but he can do 4 combos now. So if I unlock the last combo extension, he can do 5 combos? The UI for combo edit screen doesn’t seem to accommodate 5 combos… either there isn’t 5th combo and I was lucky I didn’t grind and upgrade too soon, or the screen would scroll horizontally for the 5th combo. The 5th combo should correspond to Neptune series’ EXE attacks (not the finisher but the one more attack thing).

The battle music when characters transform to Fairize form has also changed.

From this: (the first music)

To this:

Which I think is also very cool. The first one sounds like Power Rangers, while the second one sounds like modern Kamen Rider shows.

Also obtained more trophies, one for the upgrade and one for maxing a Fury’s level (so their max level is 10). Gotta switch to another Fury for Fang. I can imagine there’s a trophy for maxing every Furies’ level ^^;


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