Slow updates ^^;

Due to family events, I can hardly use the TV these days to continue playing Fairy Fencer F (and I can foresee this would also apply to the upcoming Date A Live game) -.-;

And my Vita is still taken hostage by Neptune Re;Birth 2’s send-and-wait mini-game Nariyuki Dungeon. I’m still playing it though and I’m up to the last few dungeons now (where I’m sure the real difficulty awaits ^^;)

I find a strategy that generally works in the latter half of this game is to 1) first go halfway in the current dungeon with the latest equipments (halfway since I might still be not powerful enough to defeat the final floor boss even with the equipments that can be gotten in the current dungeon), then 2) go halfway in the next dungeon to get better equipments and finally 3) equip these better equipments and go all the way in the current dungeon and defeat the final floor boss.

Of course, there is no next dungeon for the final dungeon ^^;


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