Gunslinger Girl

Well, this manga series has actually ended some time ago but it’s only recently I noticed that it’s FINALLY on sale digitally at BookLive and BOOK☆WALKER etc (I’ve been waiting for this for so long… not sure why they didn’t think about this sooner ^^;)


スクリーンショット 2014-06-24 23.36.13


スクリーンショット 2014-06-24 23.37.12

BOOK☆WALKER seems to sell the manga cheaper but that’s because the price is before tax is added (sly tactic… -_-“). Anyway it also offers a custom in-app bookshelf theme as a reward for buying the first volume (with 15 slots, enough to put all 15 volumes), and some ‘booklet’ gift after buying all 15 volumes.

Custom bookshelf:

スクリーンショット 2014-06-24 23.58.07


スクリーンショット 2014-06-24 23.57.36

(The addition of the booklet would make the books not fit into the bookshelf theme though… they didn’t think of that? ^^;)

Not sure what the booklet contains but probably some cover illustrations published in magazines. But yeah, BOOK☆WALKER seems to be a more definitive place to buy the manga (since BOOK☆WALKER is run by the Dengeki company, and Gunslinger Girl is published by Dengeki as well)

Update: ah, the booklet redemption date has expired and it can’t be claimed anymore. It seems to contain just the manga covers without text.

This series to me is one of the most phenomenal manga I’ve ever read besides Saikano. It’s lolicon in a way (young girls turned into assassin cyborgs), but I feel like the series has ‘dignity’ and ‘self-respect’ unlike other series in similar genre. It has serious atmosphere and no fan-service at all (as far as I can remember).

Well, there is a couple of points in the manga where it kinda ‘slipped to the dark side of Japanese embarrassing storytelling’, such as there is this doctor accompanied by two twin cyborg assistant girls who talk in synch. Fortunately the manga didn’t stay in the hole for too long (I don’t remember seeing those twin cyborgs again after that chapter) ^^;

I haven’t bought these digital version though, but I am planning to buy them slowly. I actually used to have physical US version of the few first volumes of this manga series (Gunslinger Girl and Saikano are probably the only manga series that I bought the US version). I also remember having bought a few physical volumes of the Japanese version but yeah… I think I sold it ^^;

I have the physical form of the last volume though. The aftermath and ending were very touching T_T


(The climax was on volume 14 though)

I have watched the first season of the anime but only watched a few episodes of the second season. The second season seems to be drawn by a different company and the drawings got worse. The songs are nice though.

The opening theme:

There are two versions of the ending theme ‘doll’, song by two different artistes (this reminds me of Black Song in Drag On Dragoon 3 ^^;):


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