Anime watching

For some reason I have been watching some anime… (I don’t watch anime, usually) ^^;

Date A Live II


Since Ars Install PS3 game is coming soon, and it seems to take place after Miku arc (since I see her in the trailer), I thought I should refresh myself with the series.

So it’s only 10 episodes and people at complain that it feels ‘rushed’. But if they read the visual novels, they would know that season 1 is ‘rushed’ as well ^^;

Remember season 1 covers the first 4 volumes of the light visual novels, while season 2 covers 5 to 7. So season 1 is 4 volumes 12 episodes, while season 2 is 3 volumes 10 episodes. Sounds about right. Also, in season 1 Yoshino of volume 2 only gets 2 episodes, and they have 1 original fan-service episode (the onsen one).

Well, it’s true that they can make another original fan-service episode here, right between Yuzuru-Kaguya and Miku arcs… but then again, they already have an original episode in season 2 with the first introductory chapter ^^;

Miku arc is also the first time in the series where the arc extends to 2 volumes (vol 6-7) (although Kurumi arc in a sense is still ongoing since Shidoh never really managed to conquer her ^^;)

Also need to remember that this anime is a light-novel adaptation, i.e., not an originally-thought story for the anime. It’s kinda sad for example that Kotori doesn’t make an appearance as spirit form in this season at all, but that’s what the story in the visual novel is.

I rather they stick to original instead of deviating from the light novels and create another reality just to make it seem better anime-wise.

I guess all anime adaptions of light novels are ‘rushed’ in a way… in light novels the story moves more slowly and there are more details and descriptions (they need to make the books to be of at least certain thickness, you know… ^^;)

There does seem to be some missing scenes in episode 9 though… It’s like the voices are there, but the scenes are not drawn ^^; Either they can’t finish it on time or they mistakenly use the incomplete version.

Gunslinger Girl Il Teatrino


This is the second season of the anime series. The drawings and animation have gotten worse from the first season, and some characters have changed voices. But apparently this second season is ‘under total supervision’ by the manga author Yu Aida.

If Date A Live is rushed, this is an anime that takes its time. 2 seasons, 26 episodes, and it only covers up to the end of volume 5 of the manga (of total 15 volumes)! If they keep this pace, they would need 4 more seasons to complete the series lol.

No wonder Petrushka doesn’t make it, as she is only introduced in the middle of chapter 6… ^^;

スクリーンショット 2014-06-29 1.25.03

(There are 2 OVAs after the second season, and it pushes toward middle of chapter 6, right before Petrushka’s introduction)

The 2 seasons do complete a big arc, though, as I believe with the introduction of Petrushka, the series kinda takes a fresh new beginning (before converging back in the end). It’s like Gyakuten Saiban series originally ends with 3 and then they make Gyakuten Saiban 4. On a more negative side, I don’t think they’re going to make more anime for the Gunslinger Girl series -.-;

Also just like Date A Live, some people might complain for example why Henrietta didn’t join the final battle in season 2. Same answer: the story was like that in the manga ^^; in fact, if they read the manga further, they might realize that Henrietta wasn’t exactly the main protagonist of the series… ^^; (she does seem that way because she’s introduced first)

I watched a few episodes of the season 1 again and wow, it’s so much better… but season 2 has better story in the manga, I think… (season 1 has a lot of introduction to the characters)

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