Gunslinger Girl Anime 1st Season


Just watched the entire 1st season of Gunslinger Girl (13 episodes)

I know it’s an old anime, but I think the quality is great. The art style is not too anime-ish, which is both good and bad for me (anime -> cuter ^^;)

Most characters look okay, except Franca, one of the terrorists. She looks old in this one. I guess her appearance did change in the manga as well, after she’s given more plot from volume 3 onward.

Since I read the manga as well, I know how they rearranged things in the anime.

Basically the 1st season covers ONLY the first 2 volumes of the manga. The episodes generally follow the order of the manga chapters with some exceptions:

– Chapter 1 is spread over the first 2 episodes of the anime

– Chapter 4 and 5, the last 2 chapters of volume 1 about Elsa de Sica, get pushed as episodes 10 and 11 of the anime.

– Also, they added an original story episode as a prelude to Elsa de Sica’s story (episode 9).

– Chapter 8 gets pushed to episode 13, become the ending of the anime. The anime strongly gives an impression that Angelica dies in the end, which of course doesn’t happen since…

– Chapter 10 and 11 (i.e., after chapter 8), also the last 2 chapters of volume 2, get pulled in and combined as episode 8 of the anime. These chapters are about Angelica’s backstory (i.e., if the manga chapters are chronological, then episode 13 actually happens before chapter 8, at least the first part that isn’t a flashback, in which case Angelica doesn’t die) (well she never dies until later in the manga, and she does appear in anime season 2). Talk about false emotions… ^^;

– Episode 13 (chapter 8) also gets an original prelude episode (episode 12), showing how Angelica got into the hospital. This episode also serves to give Claes a little more action time.

So yeah, 2 volumes, 11 manga chapters into 13 episodes of anime; first chapter is split into 2 episodes, chapter 10 and 11 are combined into 1 episode, plus 2 original episodes.

If you want to watch the anime in manga order, it’s like this:

1 (chapter 1)
2 (chapter 1)
3 (chapter 2)
4 (chapter 3)
9 (new)
10 (chapter 4)
11 (chapter 5)
5 (chapter 6, volume 2)
6 (chapter 7)
12 (new)
13 (chapter 8)
7 (chapter 9)
8 (chapter 10 & 11)

And if you want to read the manga in anime order, it’s like this: (lol)

1 (episode 1 & 2)
2 (episode 3)
3 (episode 4)
6 (episode 5)
7 (episode 6)
9 (episode 7)
10 (episode 8)
11 (episode 8)
4 (episode 10)
5 (episode 11)
8 (episode 13)

So yeah, I’m linking to some sites but… please support the author if possible ^^;


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