Date A Live Ars Install [2] Platinum


Managed to platinum the game ^^

It’s more straightforward than the first Date A Live game Rinne Utopia. For example there are no special requirements to unlock some of the sub characters’ events. There are also no weird trophies such as getting bad ending 5 times.

The last trophies are to get every endings and to try every available choices, and they aren’t difficult. I checked PSN Trophy Leaders and almost half of the players have platinumed the game 0.o I guess some of them skip even the new text, while I’m slowly enjoying the story and the voices ^^;

Each character (besides the brand-new character) has 2 endings: good and normal ending. Each character has 2 sets of 4 dates each. If we fail to earn enough love points on the first 4 dates, we’ll go to the universal bad ending. Whether we get good or normal ending for particular character seems to be determined only by the choices of the last 4 dates alone. Just keep picking bad choices on the last 4 dates to get the normal ending (which is generally harder to get than good ending, except for Kurumi) If I knew about this, I would’ve made a save after I passed the first 4 dates, which would save me some time to get the other ending instead of starting another fresh playthrough ^^;

For the all-choices trophy, it’s faster to use Gallery > Memory (instead of playing through the game). Fortunately I still somewhat remember which choices I have and have not made for the girls’ dates, so I can skip some of them and don’t really have to go through all of them. If I screwed this one up though I would’ve gotten into a tough time of finding the last choices I missed. A few tips:

– There are many choices in Memory 3. the bottom ones are controls to bring up next/previous sets of choices.

– There seems to be bug on how choices are marked as read in similar Memories 19 – 25, so just go through each of them and select the unmarked choices.

– There are choices in Memory 111 that don’t appear in the game (since in the game, they’re automatically selected by previous events) (might or might not count)

– Origami has quite a number of multiple choices in her last 4 dates, so don’t quit yet after seeing the first set of choices.

– Fortunately there are no hidden choices that can only be seen by previously selecting particular choices.

– For the true ending which is very different, I just go through the scenes one-by-one (using fast-forward feature of course). If you’ve been going through the Memories in order, the trophy should unlock at the scene where Shidou kisses the brand-new character (Memory 150).

– I think the all-choices trophy can also be gotten in a more natural way (less clean-up at the end) while playing the game by using Quick Save and Quick Load feature (L2 and R2 buttons), especially for the non-date-related choices, and true ending route choices (since they don’t seem to affect anything). I just never use this feature (and in Rinne Utopia) ^^;

But yeah, another platinum done.

I have a feeling that there’s not going to be a third Date A Live visual novel game, since they seem to have exhausted the ideas with this game to keep the same structure as Rinne Utopia.

Maybe next time they would make a fighting game instead… ^^; (personally I think it’s quite difficult considering some of the character abilities, like Yoshino rides on a building-scale giant, and Kaguya and Yuzuru have to join forces to unleash their ultimate attack, but I think these issues can be resolved)


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