Date A Live Ars Install

Just beat the game’s true ending.

The game is really quite similar to the previous Date A Live game Rinne Utopia, with more characters and volume.

The game takes place after volume 7 (while Rinne Utopia takes place after volume 4), so there are 3 additional Spirits: Kaguya, Yuzuru and Miku (well, Kaguya and Yuzuru are twins).

Since Mana has recovered (she was heavily wounded in volume 4), she also appears in this game, but just a sub-character. Mikie that is more prominently featured in Date A Strike spin-off manga also made an appearance as well.

Just like Rinne Utopia, player has to first get all good endings of the visual novel characters (Tooka, Origami, Yoshino, Kurumi, Kotori, Kaguya, Yuzuru, and Miku) before being able to go to the true ending route that focuses on the brand-new characters.

So 8 initial routes to go through (5 in Rinne Utopia). The interesting thing about Kaguya and Yuzuru is that they start with the same route (you can’t choose them separately), then you can choose between one of the two near the end.

The two brand-new characters in this game are white and black Ars, although white Ars is the one player mostly interacts with. Since white Ars thinks that ‘Ars’ is just a surname, Shidou gives white Ars the name Maria (since her design looks like a sister). Black Ars also has a name but it’s only revealed near the end.



Also, as we beat more endings, Maria gradually has a few extra lines in the next playthroughs to keep the repetitions somewhat fresh.

I forgot what they did with Rinne Utopia to make the repeating world possible, but this time the plot device they use is more straightforward and that’s virtual reality.

Believe it or not, Ratatosk made ‘Koishite My Little Shidou 2′, a sequel to galge that was made to train Shidou in dating the Spirits. This time however it’s not just a simple galge but super simulated virtual reality, as such it can only be run with Fraxinus’ supercomputer, and it’s where the game mostly takes place.

So Maria and black Ars are not real Spirits but artificial, digital Spirits (i.e., computer programs). They are mostly 2 separate entities (so they’re not one character with split personality). They also did something interesting with the true identity of Maria. The common illustrations of Maria and black Ars do not show them in astral dress form btw, since the design is kind of spoilers.

The basic premise is that Maria mysteriously appears in the game world while Shidou is trying out the game, Shidou gets trapped, and then all the girls also log into the game to try to save Shidou. They face Maria, who turns out to be non-hostile and simply ‘wants to learn about love’. In the end Shidou and the girls agree to show her the answer by living in the game world as they would normally in the real world (there’s time difference between the game world and real world so that it’s no problem for them to stay for long time in the game world).

So Maria begins to observe how Shidou dates with the girls. Maria, having control of the game world, can reset the world and even manipulate the settings to create unusual date events, such as Tooka becoming a school doctor, Kotori a magical girl, Kaguya and Yuzuru succubus etc. This basically allows ‘dream situations’ that are not possible in the main story.


Here’s a spoiler of the true identity of Maria btw (highlight the next text): she’s Fraxinus AI personified, thanks to the contact with black Ars. She can be considered as Fraxinus herself. When Kotori and Reine mentioned to Shidou that Fraxinus is equipped with high-level AI, she is the one they are talking about. She’s also the one that ‘comes up with choices’ during date situations. When black Ars, the artificial Spirit created by DEM organization, broke into Fraxinus’ main computer, the AI trapped black Ars together with herself in the virtual reality world (the Koishite My Little Shidou 2 game) with strong protection. To understand and deal with the unknown enemy she’s facing, the AI collects traced information about the enemy and recreates a version out of herself (that’s why she gains appearance similar to black Ars and a personality). The AI is also locked out of her memories, since she’s also trapped inside. As a result the AI can’t remember anything, except for her purpose. That’s why she wants to know about love, since she’s originally an AI created to support Shidou in love situations with the Spirits. Her astral form design aptly resembles the design of Fraxinus ship. So unlike Rinne Utopia, she doesn’t really ‘disappear’ at the end of this game. In fact, at the very last part of the true ending, she manages to get installed as a virtual assistant app in Shidou’s phone while Fraxinus is under restoration (image) (and that’s why the game is called Ars Install ^^;).

Black Ars spoiler: her full name is 或守 鞠奈 (Arusu Marina). Unlike Maria, her name Marina is not given by Shidou but by her ‘father’ (presumably Wescott)..

So is this game better than Rinne Utopia? I think I would need to read Rinne Utopia again, but I think so. It’s also more straightforward and easier to wrap my head around. The true ending of this game is also quite touching I almost cried.


13 thoughts on “Date A Live Ars Install

  1. SilverWings

    By the way, can you confirm if the information posted in powers and abilities section of Maria Arusu at the Date A Live Wikia here ( is reliable and true? There is much debate about that issue in the Date A Live wikia. Can you also tell me what happened in the endings of the other heroines such as Black Ars as well? I am interested in knowing what happens in the various endings of the game.

    1. Helu Post author

      That information is pretty much false. After her transformation, Maria doesn’t attack or anything, so she has neither weapon nor special attacks; she just supports Shidou by weakening Marina (black Ars)’s incoming attacks and strengthening Shidou’s attacks. In a way she behaves like Fraxinus; defend and support. Shidou is the one fighting; apparently because they’re in cyberspace, Shidou is able to use the Spirits’ powers even though the Spirits are also fighting with exact copies of Marina at the same time elsewhere.

      The heroines’ endings are pretty much normal stuffs, nothing like Origami getting pregnant or Kotori becoming an adult or anything like that from Rinne Utopia ^^; Probably the strangest one is once again Origami; she gets naked to massage her breasts because she thinks Shidou prefers women with bigger breasts. Yoshino plays dolls with Shidou (she creates dolls that look like herself and Shidou), Shidou goes on a trip with Kotori, Kaguya makes Shidou wear rock-style clothing with her, Yuzuru and Shidou drink a ‘couple drink’ together in cafe (you know, the one with love-shaped straws), Shidou makes Miku perform live in his room, and nothing really significant happens with Tooka and Kurumi

      In fact, I see that LenneValkyrie has uploaded ending videos in his(her?) Youtube channel:

      Black Ars (Marina) is part of the true ending and so she doesn’t have her own ending. She is an artificial spirit created by DEM and originally sent to take control of Fraxinus. She gets trapped inside the game world and is waiting for Maria to weaken (by being kissed by Shidou) so she could take over Maria’s ‘authority’. She keeps watching as Maria keeps resetting the world to learn about love. Shidou encounters her only occasionally. In true ending, Shidou gives her a meat bun in a park at night, and at other time pats her head for helping an elderly NPC in the street. Her helping an elderly NPC is also a sign that ‘she’s also beginning to change’ (previously she just removes NPCs that are in her way without much thought)

      She does manage to take 90% of the authority after Shidou finally kisses Maria. She then takes control of Fraxinus, charges the main cannon and prepares to shoot at Tengu city. She is in ‘Mother Room’ and Shidou and co head toward her. She makes multiple copies of herself and so the Spirits fight against them while Shidou and Maria go to Mother Room. In Mother Room, Marina pretends to make friend with Maria and then takes the last 10% of her authority. She is then able to transform to her astral form. She keeps attacking while Shidou uses the Spirits’ powers to protect Maria. Maria then prays for power to help Shidou and somehow can transform to astral form as well, also getting back some of the authority (not specified how many percent ^^;). Shidou then defeats Marina with Maria’s help.

      Marina’s astral dress then goes wild and becomes a giant black ball that quickly regenerates when attacked. It also causes problem outside that Fraxinus is now losing flight power and falling toward Tengu city below. Only Maria can go inside the ball and she goes on ahead. Moments later, the other Spirits arrive and together they destroy the ball. Shidou then rushes toward where Maria and Marina are. In the meantime, Maria and Marina share each other’s memories and ‘understand each other’. When Shidou arrives, both Maria and Marina wish for Shidou to kill them so that Fraxinus can fully restart, preventing Fraxinus from falling into Tengu city and killing many people. After much resistance, Shidou uses Sandalphon to break Marina’s crystal and she dies. He then kisses Maria and she disappears as well, after saying she finally understands what love is and that she loves Shidou. The crisis is over and Shidou and co are able to get back to real world.

      In the true ending (Maria ending in LenneValkyrie’s videos), it’s revealed that Marina performed good deeds before her demise. She sent Maria’s mail message to Shidou’s phone (which Maria thought would be unreachable), and even installed Maria onto his phone (probably a copy, not sure, but an exact copy nevertheless since the game specifically says that the phone Maria retains her personality and memories).

  2. SilverWings

    Thanks for the information, clarification and for providing the link to the LenneValkyrie’s channel. Your help is much appreciated as I am now able to get a better understanding of the events that occur in the game.

    1. Helu Post author

      When Shidou gets stuck in the game due to the abnormality, Reine pretty much ‘invited’ Origami and Kurumi into the ship, explaining Shidou’s dire situation to them. I can’t remember exactly why (maybe the more the merrier and the more chance to help Shidou), but this event happens pretty fast, i.e., pretty much glossed over.

      One cool thing about this event though is that Kotori asks Kurumi ‘are you the original?’ Kurumi didn’t give a clear answer, but based on the events at the end, Kurumi in this game should be pretty much the original (unlike Rinne Utopia where ‘Kurumi’ is one of the clones).

      1. Namhur

        Oh, okay thanks :)
        A bit unrelated but, it’s weird that the author tried to justified both all the route and the load mechanic in narrative sense

  3. Fadhli

    In one of the walkthrough i saw, there’s a scene where miku is somewhat becoming a yandere(with knife and all that) right after meeting mikie, what’s going on there exactly?

      1. Fadhli

        Oh, i see…. thx :)
        it’s a little late for me to ask but, can you please translate maria’s message? or at summary of it? I am rather curious about it.

      2. Helu Post author

        iirc It’s just a thank you-kind of message for Shidou. Probably the only notable thing is that she said in the beginning ‘even though this mail may not reach him’ (but it got sent in the end thanks to Marina)

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