Date A Live Ars Install [3] Ars Quest

Just read the short 50 pages+ novel that is included with Ars Install limited edition ^^


In summary:

Shidou wakes up and finds himself in fantasy RPG world. He becomes the hero while Maria becomes mage.

Maria previously heard from the other girls’ conversations and noticed a pattern that love may bloom from dangerous situations, that’s why this time she turned the world into fantasy RPG.

Shidou and Maria goes to bar (previously Spirits mansion) to recruit allies to defeat the final boss demon king. The bar lady owner, Reine, introduces Shidou’s allies one by one, which is one hell of cast mismatch:

Tooka is a healer, but her ‘healing skills’ actually inflict damage ^^; Her reasoning is that to make pain disappear in one spot, you just have to inflict pain in another spot lol.

Miku is a knight with giant sword, and she’s losing her breath…

Yoshino is a dancer, but she’s so shy she covers her body with mantle.

Kotori is assassin. Her weapon is a poison lollipop that she puts into enemies’ mouth to poison them. She then accidentally sucks it… ^^; When asked to heal her, Tooka punches Kotori and poison liquid comes out of her mouth… 0.o

Yuzuru becomes dragon knight and Kaguya becomes her dragon… nuigurumi-style (you know, those cute plush costumes)

Origami becomes demon king… but apparently not the demon king they’re supposed to beat at the end.

Kurumi becomes village girl, in which Shidou strongly objects ‘that’s a lie!’

Afterward they encounter slimes. The slimes do low damage but it corrodes the girls’ clothes on contact ^^;

The slimes gather to become a giant slime. Shidou then tells Tooka to use her ‘ultimate healing skill’. Tooka gets confused, as wouldn’t that help the enemy, but Shidou tells her to believe in him. Tooka did, and the giant slime is defeated.

Shidou explains to Tooka that slimes are weak against healing skills… which is a lie of course. He vows never to let Tooka use healing skills to the party.

When they finally meet demon king, some of the girls ignore their supposed roles and use their actual abilities (Miku uses her voice and Kurumi uses shadow to grabs the demon king’s legs, for example), some still follow their roles (like Kotori puts poison lollipop into his mouth). Anyway, they crush the demon king easily ^^;

When Maria mentions that she feels kinda disappointed that they don’t really come into dangerous situations, the demon king suddenly transforms to powerful second form (which is later revealed to be the act of black Ars). This is when Shidou protects Maria and Maria skips a heart beat etc.

When they finally return to normal (but still virtual) world, Origami gives Maria a new suggestion and that is Stockholm Syndrome. Shidou tries to stop her but it’s too late, Maria is already looking into the subject. She is then thinking to set up a world where all the girls become criminals and Shidou becomes their hostage, in which Shidou strongly objects.

And that’s pretty much it, pretty good laugh I think.

Speaking of which, I haven’t read Rinne Utopia’s limited edition book, Rinne Bath Time… ^^;

3 thoughts on “Date A Live Ars Install [3] Ars Quest

    1. Helu Post author

      I don’t know how to scan books lol ^^;

      The best I can do is take photos of those illustrations using iPhone…

      1. Rina

        Is that so… But it’s fine like that ^^ and if you don’t mind, may I put those illustrations on Date A Live Wiki?

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