Date A Live Ars Install [4] Drama CD


Just listened to the drama CD that comes with the limited edition of Ars Install.

My listening is not as good as reading (since for reading I can always check the dictionary slowly ^^;), but fortunately I’m able to understand most of it ^^

There’s also the preorder drama CD, which I suspect would be shorter, but I haven’t listened to it yet.

Anyway, this CD contains 2 stories, the first one is 16 minutes, while the other one is 32 minutes. The voice actor of Shidou does voice Shidou in the first story, even though he doesn’t voice in the game.

The first one is called ちょいデレシチュエーション或守鞠亜編 (Choi Dere Situation Arusu Maria chapter).

It’s ‘Arusu Maria chapter’ apparently because there have been many other chapters with different characters that come as bonus with other Date A Live goods. In fact, the preorder drama CD for for Ars Install is Choi Dere Situation ‘Again’ Tooka chapter (probably means this is the second time Tooka is used)

Anyway, it’s about Maria trying to confirm whether Shidou is interested in ecchi stuffs. So she first put an ero-magazine on the floor, then she hands ecchi DVD to Shidou (which turns out to be a Blu-ray) and finally try to make Shidou touch her body. Shidou manages to overcome all the trials, but then he also kinda regrets not taking a little look at the DVD for example… and Maria continues to watch him. Her conclusion? Shidou is indeed interested in ecchi stuffs ^^;

The second one is called 士道がいっぱい (Shidou Ga Ippai, lots of Shidou). Tooka, Kotori and Maria pass by a temple and decide to check it out. Tooka and Kotori both make a wish, and Maria decide to make them experience their wishes while looking at what their wishes are at the same time.

Tooka wishes to be surrounded by lots of Shidou who gives her lots of kinako bread, menchi katsu etc and pat her head ^^; Kotori’s wish is similar but more extreme – she went to a host club where all the hosts are Shidou (with different rankings) and she made them do various things. After having experienced their wishes, they become fluttered etc.

After leaving the temple, they realize that every NPCs in town have turned into Shidou! (i.e., their wishes are granted) and they become troubled by it. So Maria in the end resets everything back to normal. The morale of the story (for Maria) is that there are wishes that would be troubling when granted (people are difficult), and that the girls wish to have Shidou for themselves, which could be a sign of love. She then thinks whether she should simulate having Shidou all around her to understand what love is… but decide not to ^^;

This is actually the first time I listened to Drama CD. I usually just toss these bonus gifts aside lol… I guess it’s because I particularly like this game and the new character Maria ^^;


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