Choujijigen Neptune Re;Birth 2 [8] Platinum

Finally managed to platinum the game XD

The last trophy, of course, is Dungeon Master, which requires me to beat every dungeons in Nariyuki Dungeon mini-game.

These past few days I have been going halfway through the last dungeon to try to get the most powerful weapon, which I finally obtained last night (星光剣, and I got it on floor 9100).

Then I equipped Stella with this configuration:


And I beat the last dungeon on my first try (with the configuration) ^^


So yeah, a long overdue platinum X)

With this, the only Tsunako game I haven’t gotten platinum of is Fairy Fencer F (until Neptune U arrives in August, that is…) ^^;

Also, for a long time I have been buying Neptune games without completing a single one of them. To think that I’ve finally caught up and even earned platinum trophies for every single one of them… ^^ Well, at the same time I don’t really consider myself a good Neptune fan since I think my focus toward earning trophies is rather unhealthy (I should’ve focused on the games themselves more) ^^;

In any case, I’m back to a familiar situation: not sure what Vita game to play next… ^^;


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