MGS2 VR Missions

I’m thinking that maybe I should start playing Metal Gear Solid 2 (on Vita) again. After all, I’m left with only a few trophies for this game. I’m still left with 3 major tasks though and they are 1) collect all dog tags in all difficulties in main mode 2) beat all ‘Snake Tales’ (hard spin-off missions) 3) and beat all VR missions.

I’m stuck in the main mode in the support-sniping part in Hard mode. I remember I didn’t really have much trouble back then with the PS2 version. I guess either my skills deteriorated or I’m held back by Vita’s controls ^^; Even if I managed to overcome this part, I still have to go through it again in Extreme difficulty -_-”

As for Snake Tales… you see, one major annoying part of MGS2 (besides the aforementioned sniping, which they tried to make it realistic by making the aim shaky (that you would want to consume in-game relaxant drugs) and slippery) is the boss battles, especially Fatman who keeps planting bombs all over the place and that you have to diffuse them quickly, all while finding an opportunity to shoot him down.

So I’m doing the VR missions now, which are nice because there isn’t story to follow and I can just play them little-by-little, since I’m getting busy outside of gaming now (though I remember there are lots of challenging and annoying missions (yep, these include sniping) later).


There are 2 trophies that can be obtained in this mode: one for beating all missions, and one for getting first in results in at least 50 missions. Hopefully the second one comes naturally (I don’t plan on getting first in all missions since some are very difficult – moreover with the less imprecise Vita controls -.-“)

I might also move to another game, like when it proves to be too frustrating… you know, to games that could make me feel relaxed instead of stressing me out ^^; (wonder if I have a game like that…)


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