God Eater 2 2nd Break

Did you know that End Of Eternity (Resonance Of Fate in US) has a manga version? If I remember correctly, the story takes place after the game (so it kinda gives a spoiler that everyone is alright). I read the first few chapters (no longer available) in Famitsu Comic Clear website (it’s a model where you can only read the latest chapter, and to read the rest, you need to buy the physical books) (Same model as the recent ComicWalker service).

Sadly, up to this day it’s not uploaded to digital Japanese bookstores. I guess it’s licensing issues and so (for example, most Vocaloid books are not sold in digital bookstores yet). I was thinking the same would happen to the God Eater 2 mangas.

But apparently God Eater 2 mangas did get uploaded, both 2nd Break (prequel) and God Eater 2 manga.


Both 2nd Break and God Eater 2 manga are done by the same author, and I gotta say, the art is pretty good. No complaints about how he draw the ladies ^^ The story is kinda so-so… but can’t blame it I guess, the series is like that.

While God Eater 2 manga seems to be still running (only volume 1 is out), 2nd break might already be complete?

BookLive! usually indicates whether the manga series is complete. 2nd Break is not marked complete, but in some cases (I’ve seen it before) the manga is indeed complete but they just fail to properly mark it.

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 00.32.11

So I took a look at the table of contents of its latest volume, volume 3. It ends at chapter 18, while the magazine serialization ends at chapter 20. Two chapters are missing? 0.o

Upon further inspection (by comparing the chapter names), the last 3 chapters of volume 3 (i.e., 16, 17, 18) are indeed the last 3 chapters of serialization (i.e., 18, 19, 20). So what happens?

Apparently in the manga, chapter 15 背中 is 51 pages. In serialization, chapter 15 is instead called 家族 (10 pages), while chapter 16 is 背中 (19 pages), and chapter 17 is 口火 (19 pages). The 3 serialization chapters add up to almost the same number of pages to manga chapter 15 (plus-minus white pages, I guess), so I guess they split chapter 15 into 3 chapters during serialization (maybe the author couldn’t finish on time).

The last 3 chapters are a side-story and focus on Erina becoming God Eater before God Eater 2, so the climax gotta be in chapter 15 anyway.

But yeah, the 2nd Break manga is complete and it seems safe to buy it (i.e., not missing anything from serialization).

Why be wary of such things? Well, it’s unfortunate, but I’ve come across some manga chapters in magazines that never get included in the book version. So it’s like I’m spending money buying the whole series, and yet I’m missing some chapters?! Seems to rub me the wrong way sometimes… ^^;

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