Super Hero Generation

An upcoming video game caught my eye, and it’s this:


Official site

In case you didn’t know, the top 3 ‘superheroes’ in Japan are Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Gundam (or at least they used to be) (and yeah it’s kinda weird that a machine like Gundam is ‘superhero’, that’s why I put quotes around it ^^;). Although there are other famous ones, such as Super Sentai (Power Rangers) and Metal Heroes, these 3 series are like the 3 heavenly kings. Most Japanese boys were at least a big fan of one of them, and many liked several or even all of them (I myself liked all of them, though I like Ultraman and Kamen Rider more than Gundam, and though I don’t really follow any of them now ^^;).

There have been many games where they’re featured together, under The Great Battle series. As far as I know, The Great Battle series had 6 main installments. They’re mostly on Super Nintendo except Great Battle 6 which is on PSOne. There’s also a portable spin-off for Game Boy Advance called Great Battle Pocket where it’s like Pokemon, but (iirc) the battles are more strategic. Then they recently revived the series, having one sidescroller for PSP and one dungeon RPG for both PSP and 3DS.

The series tackle various genres, such as beat-em ups, but mostly sidescroller action where you can switch between Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Gundam.

But there’s another series where Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Gundam are featured together and that’s Super Hero Sakusen series (Sakusen means operation). The series’ genre is RPG and there have been two games on PSOne.



I think this series is the one they’re reviving here with Super Hero Generation, although they removed the Metal Heroes (notice the first Sakusen game doesn’t feature Kamen Rider, while the second one doesn’t feature Gundam, but both of them feature Ultraman and Metal Heroes), which makes the cast now pretty much indistinguishable from the Great Battle series ^^; The genre of the game is SRPG though (just like the unrelated Super Heroine Chronicle ^^;)

And the dungeon RPG I mentioned above which is for both 3DS and PSP and I thought was part of Great Battle series’ revival, is actually called ‘Lost Heroes’, so I guess now it’s Great Battle = action and Hero = RPG.

Looking at the cover of Super Hero Generation, the cast feels pretty solid. I guess it’s called Generation because it might be able to appeal to fans of various generations (though still mostly the new generations). Although I prefer Kamen Rider Black for example, his successor Kamen Rider Black RX is here (these are the Kamen Riders I grew up with). The Ultraman I grew up with, Ultraman Tiga, is thankfully also featured. As for Gundam, it’s kinda unfortunate but Gundam Wing which I grew up with doesn’t seem to be featured. Well, I guess the second Gundam series I grew up with was Gundam Seed, and Freedom Gundam is here ^^;

So yeah, I’ll probably give this game a try when it’s released this October. I remember I wanted to give Super Hero Sakusen games a try, but unfortunately I was not able to find them back in the days when Internet wasn’t as great as now ^^;

I just hope the Vita version doesn’t lag (this game would be released on both PS3 and Vita version) (Super Heroine Chronicle, another SRPG that is also on PS3 and Vita, has noticeable performance drop on Vita)

Or maybe I’m not getting the game ^^; I mean, I didn’t get Great Battle Fullblast for PSP and Lost Heroes either. I might have grown off my love for Ultraman and Kamen Rider series (and especially now that they keep making stupid-looking Kamen Riders). Plus I prefer the SD (super-deformed) proportions in first Sakusen games compared to this game’s ‘half-assed’ proportions (half-realistic half-chibi).


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