Metal Gear Solid 2 Hard clear

I finally made a breakthrough on the support sniping part in Hard mode ^^;

It was still frustrating, but I kept at it.

The only other part I had some trouble after that was the Metal Gear fight.


Unlike the support sniping part though, I actually don’t mind retrying this part over and over again. The Metal Gear fight part in MGS2 is pretty exciting to me, particularly since Raiden has to fight many Metal Gears and has to dodge bullets and missiles etc (a ‘foreboding’ to the bad-ass Raiden we know in MGS4 and Metal Gear Rising). It’s strange; one part is annoying and frustrating while one actually feels good when failing and retrying ^^;

Bad news though is that I still haven’t gotten all trophies from the main mode (particularly collecting all the dog tags). So I still need to go one difficulty level higher, which is Extreme, and go through all the annoying parts again -.-;

Anyway, back then when I enjoyed MGS2 on PS2, I dreamt of playing it on the go, and it finally came true with this Vita version (though I was no longer as excited at the prospect… people change ^^;). MGS2 is also the game that ‘opened’ my eyes to the digital world we’re now living in, and it’s pretty impressive considering back then the Internet wasn’t as advanced as it is today. No other game has such an impact to me, as far as I’m aware of ^^;

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