Cielo nosurge [4] first set of trophies complete!

I was expecting that when I get back into this game, Ciel would get angry and stuffs (for not coming to see her for some time) but it turned out to be alright ^^;

Instead, I found out that on the list of things I can do with her, I can now ‘sleep’ with her.


And I finally got the last trophy I haven’t earned in the starting pack X)

I downloaded the Sekai pack vol.2 before this though, which is a free story expansion, so there is another set of trophies that I can unlock. In retrospect, I shouldn’t have done it… I guess I was thinking it’s a waste if I just wait for the sleep together option to be available -.-;

As for buying more packs in the future… I kinda doubt I will. It’s also kinda confusing since they do bundles and stuffs ^^; The story so far is nothing special as well.

I also heard that they’re coming with an ‘offline version’ of this game. I think it’s a good idea, since personally the online check just so people don’t cheat is kinda unnecessary (can’t play the game without Internet connection, must wait for response, etc). I just hope that they’re not making a separate set of trophies ^^;


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