Date A Live Vol 2 Light Novel & Anime Differences


Just finished reading vol 2 again. I was particularly curious since the anime adaptation for Yoshino volume is only 2 episodes long (episode 4 & 5 of the anime) while other volumes average about 3 episodes.

The anime generally skips prolonged dialogues and make events that are supposed to happen in a few days to happen sooner or so. It also kinda turns Shidou into a more ‘accepting’ person than the light novel counterpart, where he is more questioning. But particularly for vol 2, even some scenes were wholly cut.

Anyway, here are some of the differences I managed to spot, big and small:

In the light novel, Shidou meets Yoshino after the cookie event. In the anime, he meets her a day before the cookie event, then after the cookie event, he passed by the same place but Yoshino is not there. I think this is just to give that nice beginning scene at the start of the episode.

In the light novel, Origami already returned to class at the end of vol 1. In the anime, she only returned in this episode, that’s why her apologizing to Shidou (for accidentally shooting him in vol 1) gets mixed inside the cookie event.

In the light novel, Shidou asked Kotori a lot of questions when she finally returned home (apparently a month has passed since vol 1), like about Ratatosk, when Kotori got recruited by them (5 years ago) and how they knew that Shidou had such an ability. In the anime, Shidou didn’t ask those questions. He wasn’t even surprised when Kotori said that Tooka isn’t the only spirit.

In the light novel, during the ‘training’ event, Kotori still gave Shidou penalties, like vol 1, but there were no penalties in the anime. The penalties were uploading Shidou’s silly recording when he was young to Internet and finally giving the URL to his best friend Tonomachi.

In the light novel, after the bath event, Kotori had one more thing up her sleeve, which is moving Shidou to Tooka’s room in the middle of the night. And when they woke up in the morning, they got flustered.


In the anime, Shidou just slept and nothing happened.

In the light novel, before Tooka and Origami joined their tables with Shidou for lunch, there’s a scene before class starts where Tonomachi asked whether Shidou prefers maid or nurse because a magazine’s next issue’s gravure theme would be decided by user poll. He said maid, and Origami heard it. This is the reason why Origami wears maid outfit later on. In the anime, this scene is repurposed and it’s barely noticeable ^^;

Tooka also almost blurted out to the whole class that they’re now living together (for apologizing for hitting him in the morning, which didn’t happen in the anime).

During evacuation, in the light novel, Tama chan appeared later and only Reine came to the class at first. In the anime, she appeared together with Reine (maybe the anime staff thinks it’s weird if only Reine came).

In the light novel, Shidou witnessed spacequake explosion for the first time. In the anime, when he came to Fraxinus, it already happened.

In the light novel, after Reine talked things through with Tooka, Tooka ran from restaurant (to meet Shidou), then the food orders came (all high-calorie foods ordered by Tooka) and Reine felt troubled.

During serious conversation in Origami’s house visit, Origami described that her parents were killed by a fire Spirit to Shidou.

In the light novel, Shidou asked Kotori to make sure whether he could really heal, before entering Yoshino’s barrier (because he thought he could be imagining things in vol 1). There were also hints about how Shidou got the power. The conversation is a bit different in anime; he kinda knew he could heal.

Probably the biggest offender is at the end. In the anime, after Shidou kissed Yoshino and she turned naked, it rolls to credits and then the mansion scene. In the light novel, there is more after the kiss scene. Shidou and Yoshino were picked up by Fraxinus, Tooka was also already inside, and Kotori hugged him out of worry.


The mansion scene in the light novel is also more detailed. It points out that it’s the first time Yoshinon and Yoshino were able to talk at the same time (previously, either Yoshinon talked all the time or Yoshino talked, when Yoshinon was not around). Tooka also pushed Shidou to bed, kissed him and asked him to promise her not to kiss other girls again (which is impossible since Shidou needs to do that to seal other Spirits, but he said okay anyway).

The light novel also ends with the introduction of Takamiya Mana to Origami’s team. She, along with Origami and captain Ryouko and other AST members watched a briefing video, saw Shidou in the picture and blurted out ‘Nii-sama?’. Origami also noticed that Mana looks similar to Shidou.

The reason they compress Yoshino volume is probably because there are only 12 episodes for 4 volumes (so 3 episodes each volume), but they want to include the next episode (episode 6) which is an original anime episode where the characters go to onsen ^^;

But yeah, talks about being rushed, Yoshino volume is probably one of the worst victims ^^;

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