Slow updates…and Miku Bon

So yeah, I noticed that I have not been making any new post lately ^^;

I’m kinda busy now with… work and family -.-; I’m still playing some game though, which is Ciel nosurge. It’s a smartphone-kind of simulation game where I can just do something for 5 minutes and then leave. I’m pretty much just asking Ciel to make stuffs (when she’s not asleep), repairing broken memories and viewing them etc ^^;

If you still want to keep up with me, I recommend you also visit my other blog Mainichi Ichibun. I make it a habit now to post at least one Japanese sentence there daily, checking the new words and writing some notes of what I learned in school, and some trivia ^^

Anyway, I read a Miku manga which I bought long time ago but hadn’t really read it up till now. It’s called ミクぼん (Miku Bon, i.e., ‘Miku book’). The author is おんたま (Ontama), but it’s really two authors: おとまにあ (Otomania) and たまご (Tamago).


This is a 4-koma manga, but the special thing is that there are really two series inside: はちゅねミク研究所 (Hachune Miku Lab) and Vocaloid In Wonderland. The art styles are different and the characters are different (Hachune Miku vs Hatsune Miku), and the manga alternates between these two series each chapter.



I suspect each author does one series, although I’m not sure who does which. If I have to guess, Otomania did Hachune Miku one, since he mentioned Hachune Miku in his bio.

One interesting thing is while Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin & Len and Megurine Luka characters are different in the two series, Meiko and Kaito are the same (the art style follows Vocaloid In Wonderland).

There are exclusive characters, too. In Hachune Miku Lab, it’s a professor (who keeps inventing weird stuffs, so the Hachune Miku series is kinda like Doraemon).


In Vocaloid In Wonderland, it’s An-sensei, a sexy foreign-looking teacher who dresses in various inappropriate outfits.


The bad thing of course is that this is a self-contained book (i.e., no more next volume). It would’ve been better if there are more. Also, as far as I know, this book doesn’t have a digital version.

I personally like the Vocaloid In Wonderland art-style and characterization. It’s chibi but employs comparatively more sophisticated facial expressions. Miku is characterized as ドジっ子 in this one (innocent but careless), Rin likes to tease Miku, and Luka is lady-like.


The Hachune Miku one is also cute, but in a different way ^^;


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