Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Comic Anthology Cool

Though I have not touched Idolmaster series recently, it does have some (little) place in my heart :p

It was one of the reasons I bought Xbox 360 (my first game was Rumble Roses XX though ^^;). My first mobage (mobile card collection gacha game) was also Idolmaster Cinderella Girls (which I stopped playing because I didn’t have Japanese phone number and thus was locked out of many features). It did give me a taste of mobage though, which somehow proved useful for my next mobages…

So I was browsing my dwindling physical manga collection and found this anthology (where various artists contribute short chapters about the series and get compiled into a book):


Which is for Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Cool (In Cinderella Girls, iirc there are 3 types of girls: Cute, Cool and Pure)

The reason I bought this is most probably solely because of the cover ^^; You might recognize the artist as Yasuda Suzuhito, the artist behind Devil Survivor series and Yozakura Quartet. He draws ladies well ^^;

There’s one chapter I particularly like (I think it’s the best chapter of this anthology), which features my favorite girl Ranko Kanzaki. I was thinking to scan and translate it myself to share it here, but I found a translated version, so here I post them instead (I couldn’t find who translated it but I think the translation is well done):













The publisher (or label, whatever) of this comic, DNA Media Comics, also released an anthology of Kantai Collection (DNA Media Comics’ books tend to be bigger and use thicker paper). Unlike other publishers though, afaik it’s only a single volume (other publishers have released at least 3 volumes, and one of them even published 5).

DNA Media Comics also doesn’t seem to sell its books in digital version. So yeah, one of the physical mangas I couldn’t part with due to it not having digital version… -.-;


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