Hyperdimension Neptunia U


Nope, I haven’t gotten the game yet (it’s not out yet ^^;), but I checked the official site and here are some things Neptunia fans might want to know before the game releases on 28 August 2014.

Official site: http://www.compileheart.com/neptune/u/

What is this game?
It seems to be pretty much Neptunia version of Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (both for Vita). It’s basically Dynasty Warriors with smaller maps, air combo, costume breaks, anime-style, ecchi etc.

Should I get the limited edition?
The bonuses for limited edition are 2 drama CDs and a cleaning cloth. I personally don’t recommend it unless you know Japanese and have been listening to drama CDs of past limited edition games ^^;


Should I preorder?
Considering that you get a ‘swimsuit set’ DLC code, definitely. Note that your PSN must (90% sure) be of the same region as the game.

Playable characters
The returning characters so far are Neptune, Noire, Vert, Blanc, Nepgear, Uni, Rom and Ram (the 4 goddesses and the 4 little sisters). It’s Hyperdimension and not Ultra Dimension, so the goddesses are wearing outfits from the first game, mk2, Re;Birth 1 or Re;Birth 2 instead of Victory, PP or Chou Megami Shinkou Noire. I prefer Ultra Dimension Noire’s goddess form but also Hyperdimension Vert’s goddess form, so it’s a give and take, I guess ^^;


The new characters are Dengekiko and Famitsuu, representatives of Dengeki and Famitsu gaming magazines.



Expect new playable characters to be released as paid DLC a few months after the game is released (like Compa and IF) ^^; (this is from personal experience; the same happened to every Neptunia games except PP)

Game features
Players can select 2 characters to bring into quest (can also bring just 1). Then can switch the active character around in the field (this is pretty much a derivation from front-back formation feature in main Neptunia games). Depending on the characters selected, can also enjoy specific ‘conversations’ in battle. Story quests might limit the characters that can be selected.

The costume has endurance gauge, which is depleted by getting hit by enemies and other actions. Once it’s emptied, the costume will break. Although costume break reduces character’s defense, it also has the advantages of increasing critical rate and EXE drive increase rate.


Characters can transform to goddess form to raise stats and perform the finisher EXE Drive attack. EXE Drive gauge would slowly reduce during goddess form, and once emptied, the character will return to human form. The EXE Drive attack also empties the EXE Drive gauge completely (so I guess you should perform EXE Drive attack right before the gauge is empty).


Characters can also perform SP Skills, which use Skill gauge (different than EXE Drive gauge). The Skills can be set-up and assigned to buttons in Set-Up screen and each Skill takes a certain amount of Skill gauge.

When defeating enemies, besides healing items, might obtain medals (the medals are different depending on the enemies). These medals can be collected and later traded for bonuses:




There are quest completion ranks and the highest seems to be ‘Ultimate Goddess’. It seems the higher the rank, the more experience points can be gained:


As we complete more story quests, more conversation events are unlocked that can be watched in ‘Watch mode’. Although there’s no need to watch the events immediately, watching some events might unlock more quests.




In Set-Up, can set up skills and equipments:



The lower set of stats is for the goddess form. The stats have been simplified, although I don’t know what the fifth stat is… (the image is too low-res for me to identify the kanji ^^;)

Can also check command list (the command list is different before and after transformation):



The red icons are for attacks that ‘blow away’ enemies, which after that you should be able to ‘give air chase’ (based on Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus). The blue one should uppercut the enemy to air and automatically make the character jump .

There are also lili ranks, which increase for specific characters as they go to quests together. The higher lili ranks will unlock better support bonuses and special voices:


That’s about it from what I can extract from official site. But yeah, can’t wait for the game ^^ even though my gaming life is currently in a slump right now, I expect I would really get into this game when it’s released.


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