Hyperdimension Neptunia U [2] Little details

Still waiting for the game, which would be released end of this month.

And still checking things out in official site.

Some things I noticed:

– There are probably 30 types of enemies. If you look at this screen, you can guess by the number of slots and the size of the scroll bar:


The confirmed enemies so far are スライヌ, チューリップ, ひまわりん, マタンゴ, Mー3, どでかスライヌ, the ghost boy & girl, the ‘invader’, white & red ‘deus ex machine’ (could be wrong name), ‘freeze girl’, ‘penguin’, ‘pink slime’, ‘metal slime’, two cats and ‘magic stone’ for total of 18.

– The opening song, Venus No Harmonia, is sung by Noire’s voice actress Asami Imai.

– The sisters are using their v1 costumes. I prefer v2 since particularly for Black Sister she’s skimpier ^^;



I kinda hope that Uni is not low-tier character… got some suspicion that she might be trickier to use since she’s a gunner ^^;

– The preorder swimsuit DLC set:



Not sure if just these 4 or other characters will have it as well. Apparently no costume break when wearing swimsuit (makes sense I guess ^^;)

– I still can’t figure out what the bottom left small icon is for:


It turns yellow in some screens. It also shakes (during attackin and the background might change color as well. Maybe it’s for costume condition?

– The very small 2 stripes are player 1 and player 2 health respectively (although it doesn’t seem to work properly in above screenshot, it works in the gameplay promotion video).

I kinda hope they would at least release one more trailer before the game releases. Haven’t even seen many of the characters like Noire in action. Also only seen Neptune’s costume break so far… ^^;


One thought on “Hyperdimension Neptunia U [2] Little details

  1. Uni Lastation

    Uni’s HDD Outfit is actually her Upgraded Version which later became V1 due to character Developement.
    At first Uni used to be rather “Carefree” in der HDD form which got scrapped somewhere along mid-mk2 and Victory making her Personality not change that much and thus making her kinda…. uncomfy with showing too much Skin in HDD as well which made them Rename Cradle mk2 to Cradle and make Cradle mk1 become Cradle mk2

    But prefering the Old Cradle mk1 prooves that you care more for seeing half-naked girls than the characters at all.


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