Highscore Girl sued by SNK


Recently my blog got a surge of traffic, and when I checked the stats, sure enough, it’s coming from Highscore Girl, because I wrote some posts about it in the past ^^;

In short, what happened this past week was Highscore Girl series got attacked by SNK apparently because the series has been featuring SNK game characters without their permission. SNK even knew about the existence of this manga only after the anime production team specifically asked for permission (probably in order to use some footages). In the end SNK sued over the publisher Square Enix and demands all sales of the series to be stopped.

Square Enix has pulled all the manga from stores, even digital bookstores (though people like me who have bought all the digital volumes can still continue to read and redownload my copies). But Square Enix also said that this move is not really because they’re complying with SNK, so it’s more like a strategic move.

Apparently the manga will continue to be serialized (albeit they might remove scenes with SNK characters). Also, the series might end early due to publisher’s decision instead of continuing further because last I read, it was kinda in a good time to end (this is just my guess; the publisher might prefer to avoid all future troubles).

Not sure what they’re gonna do with the past volumes, maybe they would be put back in stores but with the SNK characters redrawn and replaced with fake characters.

The anime, however, it’s still under consideration whether it will continue to be made or canceled. I don’t really watch anime though so… (though watching anime version of Highscore Girl would still be cool)

I wished to stay neutral on this because I do think the Highscore Girl side is kinda in a wrong for not asking permission but I can’t; I find myself pretty much on Highscore Girl side.

At least to me, SNK is no longer a relevant game company and they’ve even proven it with this situation: instead of developing games, they sue people.

I think SNK should be glad that they’re remembered because of this manga. They said that they just want to protect their characters. Personally in this day and age it’s pretty much bullshit. SNK just wants extra income. I mean, countless Internet creators are already making money off someone’s properties (from doujinshi, scanlation, digital store affiliates, site advertisements etc etc). It’s pretty much unstoppable unless the world turns draconian and even then there doesn’t seem to be any possible way to strictly enforce the rule. Profiteering off one another is a reality one should accept to live in. What’re they gonna do next? Sue those who make videos on YouTube and make money from video advertisements, for featuring SNK games in their videos?

And now Highscore Girl might lose some of its appeal because it might now feature fake game characters.

When Capcom canceled Megaman Legends 3 for 3DS, that was the first time in my life I really thought of ‘fuck you’ to a game company from the bottom of my heart. And I was eagerly waiting for the volume 6 of Highscore Girl too. So this time I say:

Fuck you SNK


2 thoughts on “Highscore Girl sued by SNK

  1. Matsuda

    Square Enix, SNK Playmore Settle Claims Over Hi Score Girl Manga
    The press release clarifies that Square Enix can now continue publishing and selling Hi Score Girl.


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