Gotta say, I’m losing my gaming vitality lol, due to work and other stuffs. I’m slowly trying to regain it back. But should I? Sometimes I’m not sure myself… ^^;

About buying new games on release date

When I looked at PlayStation Store and saw how cheap some of the games I own that I bought at full price had become, I can’t help but feel cheated. I mean, some of the games I bought, I didn’t even play much and they are now so cheap (like the PSP Tony Taka’s Shining series and the Fate/Extra series) (And I’m talking about 6000 yen -> 1500 yen kind of price drop).

And let’s not forget the deliberate practice of some game companies of releasing improved versions of their games at lower but still quite significant prices. Gotta say I’m glad I didn’t jump into Akiba’s Trip bandwagon (Akiba’s Trip 2 is coming even to PS4 now).

I know it’s my problem (for not playing them) but my finance is also my problem so… ^^; It’s like I could have just waited for the prices to drop instead. Actually, ‘waiting’ might be a wrong way of putting it: there is just no real need for me to play them right now (it’s not like I’m gonna die if I don’t play it right now or anything). If I’m buying less games on release date and spend more time completing my owned games, by the time I beat some of my owned games, some of the new games I had interest in might have dropped in prices ^^;

Not only that, some of them might have become ‘better’ during that time (updated version etc)

So who are the victims in this decision of mine? Well, games like Senran Kagura 2 and the upcoming Dangan Ronpa spin-off (in my knowledge, Tecmo Koei, Gust and Spike Chunsoft are the biggest offenders when it comes to releasing updated version of their games)

Hyperdimension Neptunia U is an exception though, which I’m getting on release date. I know I’ll be playing it a lot after I get it ^^;

Glory 3usi9

Sometimes my mind starts playing a song by itself, out of nowhere. And sometimes I don’t even recognize the song that I have to kinda scramble for it. But I appreciate these moments as I think it reveals to me the songs that had impact on me.

Recently that song was Glory 3usi9, one of Hatsune Miku songs that was featured in Project Diva F 2nd.

Which makes me think, maybe I should open up my Project Diva F 2nd again just to play this song.

I personally find the Miku’s voice in this song too high-pitched, which makes it annoying after several listens. A little lower would be nice. Tried to find a human cover for this song but couldn’t find any.

Kawahara Kazune


I’m currently head over heels for the works of a shoujo mangaka named Kawahara Kazune. She’s best known for High School Debut and the currently running Aozora Yell. I’ve read High School Debut in the past, and upon browsing Aozora Yell at a manga reading site, I went ahead and purchased all 15 volumes on BookLive!

She has also collaborated with other mangaka, where she is the writer (and the other mangaka draws her story). There is one-volume Tomodachi No Hanashi, and a funny series called Ore Monogatari! I think both are excellent and I might buy Ore Monogatari! in the future.

I also really like some of her one-shots, like Suki ni Natta yo and Chocolate Contest.

So yeah, I’m a guy who also reads shoujo mangas ^^;

On viewing things

Recently I’ve been thinking about how I should ‘view things’. Not just life in general, but also on specific things. I think having the right view would help when it comes to making decisions. Actually, I think that there is no such thing as one right view. Rather each view has its own advantages and disadvantages. We can for example collect a set of views and deliberately and constantly switch between them, based on the results we want and if we can tolerate the disadvantages ^^;

One of them that I thought recently about stories is that ‘stories are like foods’. Stories are foods that you ‘eat’ with your eyes (instead of mouth) and ‘digest’ with your brain (instead of stomach), and the ‘taste’ (probably the most important experience of eating foods) of the stories is the ’emotional response’ that the story evokes. I can even bring the analogy further like how writing is like inventing a new recipe, how there are many kinds of stories like there are many kinds of foods (fine dining foods, junk foods, supplements etc), and how different regions have different styles of storytelling (Hollywood vs Hong Kong movies for example) like how there are local cuisines. But I shall leave this discussion another day… ^^;

I’m still in the process of thinking about how I should view video games. There is character-based one (it’s about improving your character) and something like how playing a particular video game is like ‘living overseas for a period of time and adapting to its cultures’ (that’s why I think it’s not a good idea to juggle between a few video games at once).


But yeah, I gotta admit this blog is kinda slowing down right now… but who knows, it might even resurrect to greater heights than ever before. All I can say is I’m working on something right now and I might be able to tell about it at this site when it’s time, so somehow please look forward to it ^^;


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