Return to rhythm games

Are there games that I can just pick up, play a bit and then put down? And without having to remember lots of rules when I play again in the future? One thing comes to mind. And sure enough, it’s rhythm games.

Recently my mind ‘craved’ for one of Miku’s songs Glory 3usi9, so I finally opened up my Project Diva F2nd again where it’s featured. It turned out I already perfected the Easy and Normal versions, so I went ahead to perfect Hard:


I also tried Extreme. The first part was not really different than Hard, until the last part that is… -_-“

It turned out in Project Diva F2nd I was in the middle of perfecting all Normal songs, so I perfected more of them:




Not sure why I didn’t do them sooner…

I’m now left with the hardest 2 Normal songs to perfect, Gekishou and 2D Dream Fiber. Personally the Normal difficulty has increased in difficulty in this game; the patterns that I see in these songs, I would’ve thought that they are reserved for harder difficulties. I’m not even sure if I can perfect one of them.

I’m also playing Project mirai on 3DS (the first game, not the second one). It’s been a long time since I touched this game. I actually prefer the first game because it’s more different to Project Diva than the second game. The circular rings for notes, the hidden ‘chance’ notes that only appear if you build enough gauge (and will disappear if you screw up in the middle). Pretty original. That’s not to say I dislike the second game though.

Anyway, I was in the middle of ‘SP All’ing (hit every notes) all the Hard songs and I’m left with 3 of them: Hello/How Are You, Matrhroska, and Yume Yume. I’m attempting Hello/How Are You now. I think it would take a dozen more tries before I can SP All it because it requires a lot of extra care -_-“

Apparently Hello/How Are You and Glory 3usi9 are done by the same artist, Nanou. I should buy his/her songs sometimes.


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