Love Live! Vita, to buy or not to buy…

Still having trouble deciding whether to buy the upcoming Love Live! Vita game or not. So maybe writing a post about it might help…

Point 1: game quality

The first sign of warning was a video they released a while back, to showcase Vita’s exclusive song (yeah right, just for a short while ^^;):

The graphics doesn’t look like it belongs to Vita. In defense, it’s probably because they have to feature 9 characters onscreen at once. But right away we know that this game is not going to be Project Diva quality ^^;

The 3D models seem to be done by the same company who did Project Diva though: Dingo.

Recently they released this ‘long’ promotion video (well, longest by far):

It’s kinda hard to see but I think when the song only features 3 characters (instead of 9), they switch to somewhat better shading.

Well, at the end of the day, graphics are not too important. But…

Point 2: game content

Based on the promotion video, the game has 10 songs and 6 are shared among all 3 versions.

For the version that I’m interested in, BiBi (because of Maki and Nico), here’s the song list:


Add 2 more songs which would be released free, so total is 12 songs.


Still pales in comparison to Project Diva ^^;

I’m pretty sure they would release more songs through DLC (the 2 songs are proof of that)… at a price. I’m pretty sure they would follow Idolm@ster model and the game would be DLC-heavy.

Point 3: fun factor

Playing other rhythm games have made me realize that not all rhythm games are equal. Not all rhythm games are as intuitive, simple and fun as Project Diva (in my opinion).

So yeah, it’s kinda problematic to me that I don’t really understand the gameplay. There’s button pressing part, but there also seems to be those L/R switching/appeal stuffs reminiscent to Neptune PP and Idolm@ster 2.

Granted, this doesn’t seem to be a pure rhythm game and more like idol producing game. It seems to be a mix of the two but I don’t know where the line is.

Point 4: conclusion

So yeah, I think I’ll be skipping this game on release date. I don’t have the urge to play this game soon and anyway I would be getting Neptune U on that date, which I’m sure I would be playing a lot.

I’m sure the price will come down (maybe in a year’s time). Also by then I can read user reviews to determine how good the game is and observe how the developers ‘maintain’ this game. Maybe they would treat this game as a ‘platform’ and every time they release a new Love Live! single, they would also bring the song to this game as DLC. Even add the new costumes featured in the single as DLC. I would like it if they go down this path.

There is another possibility that they just release the game, serve some DLCs, and then ‘be done’ with this game.

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