My current Shinovi Versus progress

So yeah, for some reason I opened up this game again (probably due to similar game, Neptune U, also developed by the same company, coming real soon) ^^;

And I think it’s a good idea for me to write these ‘progress’ posts for the games that I haven’t really completed but stopped playing. It’s so that if I decide to play the game again, I can check these posts and know where I left off, and what goals I can aim for. Instead of writing new posts when I advance my progress, I might just update these posts instead.

So without further ado for this game…

Apparently I still haven’t leveled up these characters to max:

  • Miyabi
  • Murasaki
  • Imu
  • Ryoubi
  • Ryouna
  • Homura
  • Mirai

All the new Snake girls and some of the old, basically.

But if I remember correctly, maxing the characters’ levels are not that troublesome. What’s more troublesome is maxing the sen, yin and yang stats. In fact, the only character I’ve maxed all these stats are Yagyuu:


As for Arcade Mode, I haven’t gotten highest scores for all missions for all Snake girls (both new and old).

The Story Mode missions is shared among characters of the same schools, but the rankings are separate for each character. There are also both Normal and Hard difficulties and the rankings are separate. I only completed getting highest scores for Hanzo school’s story missions with Yagyuu, and even then only for Normal (for her, I’m left with the last chapter for Hard).

So yeah, I think that’s pretty much what I’m left. Whether I should ‘complete’ this game is another matter though… the game is easy (for ‘light gamers’, as Japanese players put it), it doesn’t feel challenging and it feels pointless.

Maybe I should just max all character’s levels and do Hard story missions with Yagyuu…


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