All characters max level

Just finished getting everyone to level 50.

Can still try to max their Sen, Yin and Yang stats ^^; It can be done alongside trying to get best rankings in every of their missions. I think Sen should be maxed first because it’s not a really good mode to be in particularly in Hard mode (can’t use special move etc).

I also learned that using Limit Break (down d-pad) doesn’t affect ranking. It takes some HP (10%?) but it’s not counted as ‘damage taken’ in results screen.

Some bonus screenshots. For some reason I particularly like it when the characters transform in half-ripped clothes (more than if they were fully clothed or completely in underwear) ^^;






I also kinda learned how to make the enemy characters go ‘full’ nude quite easily. Basically launch them to the air with combo or fully charged triangle attack; this will break both their upper and lower clothes at once (in contrast to special move which only breaks either upper or lower clothes). Do this two times until they’re completely in underwear. Then keep using Limit Break until player’s health flashes red and finish them off using L+O attack.

None of the full destruction scenes has been appealing to me so far though ^^;



Maybe I should try it on each character and see if there’s one I like… ^^;

There are things to experiment such as can we make the enemy characters go full nude without them even transforming? The problem is as the player characters get stronger, it gets harder to achieve the suitable conditions ^^;


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