Shinovi Versus progress + anticipating Neptune U

Still playing Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus while waiting for my copy of Hyperdimension Neptune U to arrive, switching between Project Diva games sometimes.


I’m kinda lost on how I should proceed with this game and how far I should progress. Like do I try to get best ranking for every missions of every characters? (I didn’t count, but there should be lots of missions) (and it would be repetitive) Or do I just focus on a few characters? And if so, who? (the problem of having too much choices) Unfortunately, as much as I like Yagyuu as a character, I feel her gameplay is not very fun. I prefer swift characters such as Asuka, Ikaruga and Yumi. I think how useful and powerful their charged triangle attacks are is also another factor to consider.

I kinda understand the gameplay more though, namely Limit Break and Parrying, which two techniques I rarely used when I played the game for the first time. Apparently health penalty from using Limit Break doesn’t count toward damage taken which affects ranking. I guess at the time I didn’t know and that’s why I didn’t use it out of fear of lowering my ranking. Parrying is also fun; it’s like the enemies have some predictable reactions that can be anticipated and then consistently parried. I used to be a fan on Onimusha series so this kind of timing sensitive action is fun ^^

I still don’t see myself using the Taunt action often ^^;

I don’t like Mirai’s back dash though. I never feel like I have to back dash at any point of time in the game, even as her. At it can be worked around by doing back back dash = forward dash anyway. I just hope that Uni in Neptune U, who is a gunner like her, doesn’t back dash as well -.-;

I also wonder how different Neptune U is compared to Shinovi Versus. The developers are the same, but I got a feeling that Neptune U is a watered down version of Shinovi Versus. For example, there seems to be only one level of costume break, and Neptune characters might not have all the maneuverabilities the ninja girls have. Do the characters in Neptune U fight each other a lot just like Shinovi Versus? I would think so since aside from small and big monsters there doesn’t seem to be particular villain characters. But so far the trailers never show them fighting each other.


And it seems a lot of Neptune U is about collecting coins from specific monsters to get items and bonuses, which might be a grind as I saw some (if not all) monsters have requirements up to 1000 coins. It seems I would need to find equipments that increase coin drop rate (if there’s any) asap.

Also I think the ultimate goal of this game to get best rankings for every missions in every difficulties, just like Shinovi Versus. The question is whether the ranking would be shared among every characters or separate for each character. I think it’s shared since in Neptune U you can form an arbitrary pair, but I don’t know, they might want to artificially increase the game’s length. Maybe if you get the best ranking on a mission with a specific pair, the records go to both members of the pair, but not to all characters. I also foresee some trophies for maxing Lili ranks of every characters.

I also think they would release more characters as DLC in the future. The question is who. As much as I have nothing against Compa and IF, I feel like they are a boring choice (it’s been done with the Noire spin-off game). I would prefer if they release Iris Heart and Yellow Heart. If this game is successful, they might release a sequel with more characters (maybe with Ultra Dimension characters instead).

In any case, I should get the game tomorrow. In a worse case scenario, I might get it a few days later.


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