Yumi final boss fight on Hard


Managed to defeat Yumi in Hanzo school’s last mission on Hard and get the best ranking for every characters.

The difficulty varies by character and the tricky part is that after Yumi transforms to Yang mode, she is hyper-armored from normal attacks. So I can’t just keep trapping her in the air ^^;

As Asuka



It’s very easy to get best ranking for Asuka because of her very powerful charged triangle attack, which makes her go underground and reappear next to her locked-on enemy, launching them. I just keep spamming this and air-chasing Yumi. When Yumi transforms to Yang mode and gets her hyper armor, what I did was launch with charged attack, air-chase and then quickly slam down (instead of combo-ing). I just keep repeating this set of moves until Yumi eventually dies (I still didn’t know about the whole parry strategy which I learned later with Katsuragi).

As Ikaruga



Her charged triangle attack doesn’t launch, but when the projectiles that come out from this attack hit the enemy, she gets lots of Ninja gauge boost. So I just keep spamming this move until I have enough scrolls, then I unleash her second special attack. Also, when she is on higher terrain somehow the projectiles hit Yumi more often. At first I stayed in Yang mode but I couldn’t make it in time to get the best ranking, so I tried using Yin mode (to maximize damage) and I got it.

As Katsuragi


Katsuragi was the hardest for me. The problem with her charged triangle attack is that Yumi has enough time to recover in the air and counter-attack. And this is when I finally learned of the potent use of parrying. Basically if I successfully parry opponent’s attack (by blocking at the right time) I would get a bonus ninja scroll. So I keep trying to successfully parry her (takes some practice) until I get 8 ninja scrolls (and if I get combo’ed, I would escape with Limit Break to avoid further damage), then I would transform to Yin mode (I didn’t transform earlier in order to avoid taking too much damage) and unleash her second special attack. Yumi would be down to half her health, and then she would Limit Break to avoid damage and land nicely next to me and transform to Yang Mode (regaining her health to full). I then perform the special attack again. At level 50, Katsuragi is able to kill her in full health with this attack in one hit! I’m left with 4 ninja scrolls and for the second round I just perform the second special attack again two times.

As Yagyuu



Yagyuu’s charged triangle attack doesn’t uppercut like Ikaruga but builds ninja gauge quite easily, so I just spam this move. Instead of performing second special attack as soon as I have 2 scrolls though, I followed my Katsuragi method in which I collect 8 ninja scrolls. After transforming to Yin mode, as long as she performs her second special attack dead next to Yumi, Yumi can’t escape the attack and can also be killed in full health in one hit (after transformation).

As Hibari



Hibari’s charged triangle attack is very short-ranged and so I can’t use this, just like Katsuragi. So just like Katsuragi, I keep trying to parry Yumi until she has 8 ninja scrolls and then transform to Yin mode to maximize damage. Here’s the special thing about Hibari: her second special attack would end with the opponent in dizzy state, so although it can’t kill Yumi in one hit (even if Hibari is level 50), I can just perform another one and Yumi won’t be able to escape and even transform to Yang mode! I repeat it with the remaining 4 ninja scrolls for the second round. Yumi can’t even transform and is helpless throughout the whole battle (after I collect 8 ninja scrolls, of course).

So yeah, who knew that there is such a fun challenge in this game (although it doesn’t really give any reward and it’s just for self-satisfaction). I kinda know how to deal with the hard bosses in last chapter now. Although I think the final mission is not the most difficult one. In the other missions of final chapter I have to like survive through hordes of enemies first while taking minimal damage and do it quickly. I’m still unable to get the best ranking on most of them with any character.

Maybe I should try the final mission of the other schools… ^^


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