Hyperdimension Neptune U


So yeah, I have been playing this game these two days.

I kinda have mixed feelings about this game ^^; I mean most of the times the game just throws waves after waves of monsters in a small map (some of the maps are just a box even) and they aren’t even aggressive on attacking my character ^^; they’re just sitting there waiting for me to pound on them. Only after defeating lots of them (could range from 100-500 monsters or so) would the boss monsters appear and even they don’t prove to be too much of a challenge. And it’s mission complete and in most cases rinse and repeat. The characters are also overpowered as hell; Purple Heart for example has an infinite square combo that can be spammed indefinitely. Uni can literally spew bullets everywhere. Playing this game is kinda like playing the Kamen Rider games on PSOne which are simple and easy for kids, only this game is certainly not meant to be for kids because of the sexy stuffs ^^;

It’s like the game doesn’t try hard beyond satisfying people’s imagination of what a ‘Neptune Musou’ would be like. And yeah, this game is more of a mini Dynasty Warriors game than Shinovi Versus. I was expecting it to be more of Shinovi Versus because it’s done by the same developers and the costume break. First off: no air-chasing. In retrospect it kinda makes sense since we’ve never seen Neptune characters air-chasing and stuffs in the main series anyway. But also no blocking. No parrying (you could regard activating a SP Skill before you’re about to get hit some sort of parrying, I guess). No air-dashing. No sprinting. And no lock-on. They don’t even have cut-ins for transformation and finisher attacks, only costume breaks (if they’re worried some people might be pissed off being interrupted by cut-ins, they could just add the settings to disable them).

I don’t think I’m a really negative person and I try to be optimistic and still appreciate the game. The attack animations and effects feel great. The characters are cute and sexy. But yeah, this game’s ‘production value’ is somewhere between Neptune PP and Chou Megami Shinkou Noire. I forgot to mention the story in this game is short and no tension at all.

And it’s like the game just wants me to grind and grind. Get a lot of coins from different monsters to unlock all rewards. Max all lili ranks by pairing the characters in a mission (I wonder how hellish grinding this would be – I think I need to find stages that can quickly be beaten).

The game at least offers two extra modes: one is a tournament mode where I can set up a tournament between the characters to fight. For me this is just another grind as the battle is not as polished as Shinovi Versus anyway and making each character the winner unlocks an accessory item. I’m currently finishing all stages in Story Mode but I’m hoping the last extra mode, Neptral Tower, where the characters have to ‘climb’ the floors of the tower, at least offers somewhat different experience. Maybe this extra mode is where the challenge truly lies.

Some bonus screenshots:







4 thoughts on “Hyperdimension Neptune U

  1. WingedHao

    I’ve finished the game and find the postgame contents lacking. Game could used multiple cloths breaks as well. And it’s almost impossible to die once you get those OP accessories. >_>

    1. Helu Post author

      Yeah, I think this game is just a fan game for Neptune series’ fans. Nice animation and effects, but gameplay wise it’s a joke ^^;

  2. The Otaku Judge

    You picked a saucy selection of screenshots haha. The game is fun, but a tad disappointing when compared to Senran Kagura. Tamsoft’s ninja game has more content and the enemies aren’t so passive.

    1. Helu Post author

      Yep :p Thanks for the comment ^^ I think this game is like the ‘base’, i.e. they planned from the start to make multiple installments just like Dynasty Warriors series and the next game will be the Blanc zombie game. And I bet the Neptune vs Sega Hard Girls game will be utilizing Noire spin-off gameplay.


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